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22 Results
Barbie princess adventure —Stephens, Elle, author.

Barbie and Princess Amelia trade places. Can Barbie save the princess when she disappears?

Pup on the run —Stephens, Elle, author.

Barbie has lost her pup! Can Barbie's friends help find her?

You can be a doctor —Stephens, Elle, author.

When Barbie visits the doctor, Dr. Vargas shows Barbie how to weigh and measure patients, and even helps take off an arm cast! Children ages 4 to 6 will love to read how Barbie visits and helps a doctor in this Step 2 St...

Rocket finds an egg —Stephens, Elle, author.

"Rocket and his friend Bella find an egg! The birds in the meadow don't know whose it is. The egg is too small, too colorless, or too round to be theirs! Will the friends return the egg to its nest? With its simple words...

One big party! —Stephens, Elle, author.

In the beginning, it's all glitter and happiness in Troll Village until Queen Poppy and Branch make a surprising discovery-- there are other Troll worlds beyond their own, each defined by a different genre of music! When...

You can do it! —Stephens, Elle, author.

Practicing for the skateboard contest, Penny and Rod support their friend Brody, who navigates high expectations while trying to master a big jump.

Dogs clean up! —Stephens, Elle, author.

"Pawston Beach is full of trash! Tag and Scooch will help clean up and save the day!"-- back cover.

Rocket has a sleepover —Stephens, Elle, author.

Rocket is having fun at a sleepover! But when Owl, Bella, and Fred get ready to catch some Z's, Rocket refuses to go to bed. Can a bedtime story soothe Rocket and help him fall asleep?

Snack attack! —Stephens, Elle, author.

What secrets are hiding in Plankton's Kamp Koral kitchen? SpongeBob and Patrick are determined to find out--but might not like what they uncover.

Welcome to Pawston! —Stephens, Elle, author.

"Meet Tag, Scooch, and all their paw-some pals!"-- Provided by publisher.

Be brave, little pup —Stephens, Elle, author.

Chase, the police dog member of the PAW Patrol, introduces himself, recounts how he began as a frightened, homeless puppy on the streets of Adventure City, and tells how afraid he was when he went back with the PAW Patro...

Rocket and the perfect pumpkin —Stephens, Elle.

Rocket and Bella find the perfect pumpkin, but it rolls away from them and they chase it all the way to Mr. Barker's house, where it makes their friend very happy.

Rocket loves hide-and-seek! —Stephens, Elle, author.

Rocket, Bella, and Owl are playing hide and seek! Game after game, Rocket gets found first, which makes for hurt feelings. Seeing as their friend is down, Bella and Owl come up with a plan to make the game fun again!

Beware of dogbot! —Stephens, Elle, author.

"Chuckie wants a dog, but his daddy is allergic. Will a robotic pet solve all his problems? His friends Tommy, Angelica, and Susie don't think so ..."-- Provided by publisher.

Christmas rescue! —Stephens, Elle.

"When the boy Marinette is babysitting becomes angry over not getting his Christmas presents early, Hawk Moth turns him into the supervillain Chris Master. Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Santa Claus must work together to stop Ch...

How Lady met Tramp —Stephens, Elle, author.

Lady never imagined leaving her perfect, happy home. But after a terrible misunderstanding, Lady wonders if she even has a home to return to. That's when she meets a street dog named Tramp--who shows her a world of adven...

Puppy love! —Stephens, Elle, author.

An unlikely romance brews when a shy, pedigreed cocker spaniel falls in love with a wily stray mutt.

All around Arendelle —Stephens, Elle, author.

Join Queen Elsa and Princess Anna for a never-before-seen look at their incredible castle in the kingdom of Arendelle from Disney Frozen and Frozen 2. Girls and boys ages 4 to 8 will spend hours and hours enjoying this o...

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