8 Results
8 Results
Percy Jackson. Sea of monsters

Joined by his friends and half brother, Percy and his friends must find the fabled and magical Golden Fleece. Embarking on a treacherous odyssey into the uncharted waters of the Sea of Monsters (known to humans as the Be...

Faerie tale theatre

This award-winning series brings to life 26 of the most magical classic fairy tales of all time, now digitally remastered.

The Gregory Peck film collection

Scout observes her father defend a black man in a small Alabama town; an ex-con stalks the family of the lawyer who sent him away; an anthropology professor becomes embroiled in Middle East intrigue; a New York accountan...

Bruno, Peanut and me —Stanley, Mary, 1952-

Profiles three siblings, brutal older brother Bruno, middle child Susie, and youngest child Penny "Peanut," as their relationships change for the better the summer that Bruno, nine, nearly drowns then learns he is seriou...

The right stuff

Academy Award winning film telling the story of America's first astronauts, men who created a new type of hero, based on the story of Chuck Yeager.

The lost garden —Stanley, Mary, 1952-

The face Esme Waters presents to the world is not the face she sees in the mirror. Even her three daughters don't know the truth behind her careful smile. But a chance meeting with a psychiatrist in Paris opens the first...