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65 Results
Voyage to the volcano —Stamper, Judith Bauer.

Ms. Frizzle's takes her class all the way to Hawaii where her students waded through lava and saw a real volcano blow its top.

Dinosaur detectives —Stamper, Judith Bauer.

The students in Ms. Frizzle's class learn all about the study of dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History.

The wild leaf ride —Stamper, Judith Bauer.

Ms. Frizzle's class goes on a wild field trip where they get stuck in a tree and learn all about leaves.

Rocky road trip —Stamper, Judith Bauer.

Miss Frizzle's class learns about rocks and minerals during a field trip to the Grand Canyon.

Polar bear patrol —Stamper, Judith Bauer.

Ms. Frizzle's class travels to the Arctic Circle to find out about polar bears and to experience life in the Arctic.

Breakfast at Danny's Diner : [a book about multiplication] —Stamper, Judith Bauer.

Danny's twin niece and nephew help him prepare to open his diner one morning but are soon overwhelmed by the work, until they put their multiplication skills to work.

Five haunted houses —Stamper, Judith Bauer.

Five brief spooky tales about some of the funny and not so funny things than can happen in haunted houses.

Volcanoes —Stamper, Judith Bauer.

"... Explains how volcanoes work while teaching the words you need to know to understand Earth's most explosive features"--Cover P. [4].

Boom! Zoom! —Stamper, Judith Bauer.

Ray blasts off into space, where he crash lands on a strange planet and must escape from an alien being. Includes related phonics activities.

Five funny frights. —Stamper, Judith Bauer.

A collection of five easy-to-read scary stories with humorous endings, including "The skeleton," "The scream," "Bloody fingers," "A dark, dark story" and "Ghosts."

The three wishes —Stamper, Judith Bauer.

A fat cat and a big pig cannot get along until a fairy gives them four wishes. Includes related phonics activities.

Just in time! —Stamper, Judith Bauer.

The JumpStart gang get ready for the science fair, overcoming untimely setbacks hour by hour.

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