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6 Results
Rainbow garden —St. John, Patricia Mary, 1919-1992.

When she is sent from her London home to live in the Welsh countryside with the large, boisterous Owen family, eleven-year-old Elaine feels miserable and resentful until she discovers an abandoned garden and determines t...

Star of light —St. John, Patricia Mary, 1919-1992.

In a mountain village in Morocco, an Englishwoman transforms the lives of her visiting niece, a blind baby girl, and an eleven-year-old boy through her work as a missionary nurse.

Tanglewoods' secret

Philip and Ruth, 10 and 8, are staying with their rather strict Aunt Margaret in the south of England while their parents are overseas during the late 1940s. While building a secret hideout in the woods, the children mee...

The secret of Pheasant Cottage —St. John, Patricia Mary, 1919-1992.

Raised by her grandparents, 12-year-old Lucy starts a search for her father that takes her from a prison in England to the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Treasures of the snow

Lucien's teasing causes harm to Dani, a small child. Overtaken by catastrophic events, and feeling outcast from his family and friends, Lucien escapes to the forest in the Swiss Alps. He finds peace there, and learns tha...