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16 Results
Bear with me —Slater, David Michael, author.

"It's the first day of school and Max is terrified! But he's sure that Mr. Kalamazoo, his stuffed bear, will protect him. Only . . . not so much. Things get totally wild! Luckily, just when it looks like the day will be ...


A stylish and original dark comedy about a perpetual loser whose life goes from bad to worse when his longtime girlfriend dumps him. His attempts to get over the breakup, embarrassing career, and overbearing family overw...

Flour girl a recipe for disaster —Slater, David Michael.

Sophie and her father love to bake together, but when he announces he is getting married and Sophie is asked to be the flower girl, she shows her displeasure by becoming the Flour Girl.

The sharpest tool in the shed —Slater, David Michael.

Schmul the handsaw wants to be accepted by the other tools in the shed, but it takes his heroic rescue during a fire for that to happen.

The boy & the book : a wordless story —Slater, David Michael, author.

In this story without words a young boy carelessly mishandles a library book, while the other books try to rescue their friend.

Milo & the monster —Slater, David Michael.

To avoid Sharing Time, Milo hides in a book - actually inside it! He decides to fill the pages with the story of his life. But before he can begin, he finds a monster who'd prefer a story about eating boys! Can Milo ouwi...

Missy Swiss —Slater, David Michael.

Missy Swiss wants to be the Big Cheese in the fridge, just like her hero Cheese Louise. So when the family goes on vacation, she jumps at the chance to strut her stuff. But the plug gets pulled on her plan in a hurry, an...

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New kid J.D. teams up with Veronica to bring down the Heathers, the popular girls that rule Westerburg High.

A wrench in the works —Slater, David Michael.

Handy the wrench is sick of Nick being admired by all the other tools, but his attempts to detract from Nick's heroics do more harm than was intended.

Battle of the books —Slater, David Michael.

Two new books are dismayed when they are shelved at a library where the books judge each other only by their covers.

Stranger Danger —Slater, David Michael, author.

On the first day of Sunday School, six good friends walk into the classroom to find a stranger -- a girl with big, black, curly hair sitting at one of the desks. Without giving her much thought, and ignoring the worried ...

The Collector —Slater, David Michael, author.

Maddie, Max, and Theo Mattigan know everything now. They've solved the mystery of their Monsters' history, and even of their own. But Happily Ever After doesn't seem to be how their story was meant to end. There's an evi...

Werewolf —Slater, David Michael, author.

The Mysterious Monsters hiding in the Mattigan's basement have discovered they have something in common. When clues about this link point to an island in Canada, one where a werewolf has recently been sighted, Maddie, Ma...