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97 Results
Bird singing, bird winging —Singer, Marilyn.

"Come see birds of all different kinds singing, winging, walking, talking and so much more in this charming, rhyming book that includes a special section at the back of the book with facts on each type of bird"-- Provide...

Bug dipping, bug sipping —Singer, Marilyn.

Illustrations and simple, rhyming text portray bugs of all kinds busily going about their days. Includes facts about each bug pictured.

Gulp, gobble —Singer, Marilyn, author.

Illustrations and simple, rhyming text portray animals of all kinds enjoying a picnic.

Float, flutter —Singer, Marilyn.

Portrays animals of all kinds hurrying to a very special destination.

Tallulah's tutu —Singer, Marilyn.

Tallulah takes ballet lessons and eagerly awaits her coveted tutu, which, she learns, she must work hard to earn.

The proper way to meet a hedgehog : and other how-to poems

A collection of poems acts as a whimsical instruction manual to feats both practical and fanciful, including how to mix a pancake, how to make a snow angel, how to be a mole, and how to build a poem.

Follow follow : a book of reverso poems —Singer, Marilyn.

A collection of short poems called reversos which, when reversed, provide new perspectives on the fairy tale characters they feature.

A stick is an excellent thing : poems celebrating outdoor play —Singer, Marilyn.

Presents a tribute to timeless childhood summer activities, from playing hide-and-seek and hopscotch to making mud soup and imagining that a stick is a magic wand.

I'm your bus —Singer, Marilyn.

In rhyming text, a school bus describes its busy day transporting children to and from school.

Who are you calling weird? —Singer, Marilyn, author.

Delve into the forests, burrow under the ground, and dive into the deep to discover nature's most peculiar creatures and learn about their behavior, diet, and habitat, as well as folk beliefs about each animal. Hidden aw...

Girls rule! 5-minute stories.

Get your daily dose of girl power with this inspiring treasury bursting with ten stories about ten amazing girls that can each be read aloud in five minutes flat!

The boy who cried alien —Singer, Marilyn.

A boy known for telling lies announces that aliens have landed in Malarky Lake, and not surprisingly, no one believes him.

Mirror mirror : a book of reversible verse —Singer, Marilyn

A collection of short poems which, when reversed, provide new perspectives on the fairy tale characters they feature.

Tallulah's ice skates —Singer, Marilyn, author.

When Tallulah goes ice skating with her brother, Beckett, and best friend, Kacie, she learns that having fun can be more important than being the best.

On the same day in March : a tour of the world's weather —Singer, Marilyn.

Highlights a wide variety of weather conditions by taking a tour around the world and examining weather in different places on the same day in March.

Venom —Singer, Marilyn.

Learn about venom and the animals that produce it and use it to survive, including spiders, insects, snakes and other reptiles, frogs and toads, fish, and ocean invertebrates.

What is your dog doing? —Singer, Marilyn.

Illustrations and simple, rhyming text reveal that dogs do much more than sit, stay, and roll over.

Quiet night —Singer, Marilyn.

One frog, two owls, three geese are joined by increasingly larger numbers of different animals that keep ten campers from falling asleep in their tent.

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