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102 Results
Rats : cool pets! —Silverstein, Alvin.

"Provides basic information about rats and keeping them as pets"--Provided by publisher.

Life in a bucket of soil —Silverstein, Alvin.

Describes the various animals that live within the soil under our feet, including earthworms, roundworms, snails, mites, beetles, and ants.

Diabetes —Silverstein, Alvin.

Discusses diabetes, its causes and treatments, and emphasizes what can be done to maintain personal health and prevent diabetes attacks.

The nervous system : the inner networks —Silverstein, Alvin.

Describes the structure of the brain, spinal cord, and nerve cells and their function in sending out, receiving and interpreting messages from all parts of the body.

Fungi —Silverstein, Alvin.

Introduces fungi, discussing their varieties, physical structure, reproduction, role in the ecosystem, and uses.

Different dogs —Silverstein, Alvin.

Examines the pros and cons of keeping less common dog breeds such as akitas, chihuahuas, and Saint Bernards, discussing their care, feeding, and emotional needs.

Photosynthesis —Silverstein, Alvin.

Explains photosynthesis, the process responsible for providing the material and energy for all living things, and discusses such related issues as respiration, the carbon cycle, acid rain, and the greenhouse effect.

Heartbeats : your body, your heart —Silverstein, Alvin.

Explains how the heart works, what happens when it doesn't do its job properly, and the progress made in the treatment of heart disease.

The mystery of sleep —Silverstein, Alvin.

Discusses the subject of sleep, including animal sleep, dreams, nightmares, and sleep problems.

Snot, poop, vomit, and more : the yucky body book —Silverstein, Alvin.

"Explores 'yucky' things about the human body, including earwax, gas, bodily wastes, and more"--Provided by publisher.

Apples : all about them —Silverstein, Alvin.

Describes the history of and legends about the apple, its cultivation, the different varieties, and games, crafts, and recipes that include apples.

Cells —Silverstein, Alvin.

A detailed presentation of the structure and function of different types of cells and of research into developing technologies such as cloning and the use of stem cells.

Dogs : all about them —Silverstein, Alvin.

Discusses the evolution of dogs and their uses throughout history and includes information on different breeds, training, care as pets, relationship with people, and other relevant topics.

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