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48 Results
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Night horse —Siamon, Sharon.

At Mustang Mountain Ranch a horse named Windy is about to give birth. When Windy escapes into the wild, it is up to Meg, Alison and Becky to protect her from the boundy hunter who has been hired to kill wild horses.

Wild horse —Siamon, Sharon.

When Alison discovers a wild horse that needs her help, she must conquer her anger and come up with a plan to save it.

The mystery stallion —Siamon, Sharon.

Thirteen-year-old-twins Sophie and Liv visit their grandparents ranch during their spring break, and are thrust into adventure when they must locate a missing herd of horses.

Gallop to the sea —Siamon, Sharon.

Kelsie tries to rescue a horse named Caspar from peril.

Dinosaurs! : battle of the bones —Siamon, Sharon.

Text and photographs describe paleontologists and their fossil discoveries in Canada's Red Deer River Valley, also known as Dinosaur Valley.

Secrets in the sand —Siamon, Sharon.

Kelsie is offered three more horses for her refuge on Saddle Island, but she doesn't have the funds to keep them. She turns to her aunt for help, but her brother Andy thinks he can find buried treasure on the island.

Brave horse —Siamon, Sharon.

Meg, Becky and Alison are vacationing at the Mustang Mountain Ranch in the Rocky Mountains. Unfortunately a friend goes missing and the girls have to organize a rescue party.

Free horse —Siamon, Sharon.

Meg tries to find out who is catching and selling wild horses.

Dark horse —Siamon, Sharon.

Becky's confidence that she can finish an endurance horse race is shaken when her friend gets distracted by another racer and the competition proves tougher than she thought.

Rodeo horse —Siamon, Sharon.

Alison basks in her newly discovered rodeo talents, Becky struggles to train the wild horse Shadow, and Meg is stuck in New York, longing to join them at the Calgary Stampede. As the Stampede fast approaches, they are al...

Sky horse —Siamon, Sharon.

Meg and her friend Alison need all their courage to get to Mustang Mountain Ranch in the Rockies.

Fire horse —Siamon, Sharon.

Meg, Alison and Becky encounter a forest fire when they try to rescue two horses that are missing from the ranch.

Swift horse —Siamon, Sharon.

Alison has found the horse of her dreams, but it belongs to a young girl who refuses to sell it. Alison decides to take matters into her own hands, only to get the horse and herself into terrible trouble at a barrel race...

Coyote canyon —Siamon, Sharon.

When a colt goes missing from the Lucky Star Ranch, twins sisters Liv and Sophie set out to find it. When their search takes them deep into a maze of desert caves, Liv discovers a shocking secret.

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