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Ellie and the secret potion —Shields, Gillian.

As the mermaids swim back to the Coral Kingdom, they discover that the evil Mantora has been causing trouble again. It is up to Ellie to find a special ingredient for a potion to undo Mantora's handiwork before it is too...

Katie and the snow babies —Shields, Gillian.

A baby walrus and polar bear have gone missing, and Katie and her friends vow to help find them. But will they be able to solve Mantora's riddle for the second Snow Diamond too?

Lucy and the magic crystal —Shields, Gillian.

The mermaid's very important mission is almost complete as they have at last found their way back to Queen Neptuna with all the magic crystals. But will Lucy be able to overcome her shyness to make sure that Coral Kingdo...

Ruff! : and the wonderfully amazing busy day —Church, Caroline.

Ruff, a dog that likes being busy, is digging a small pond in his back yard when his wish for a friend to keep him company comes true in two special ways.

Dogfish —Shields, Gillian.

When a boy is not allowed to have a dog, he teaches his fish to do the things he wanted a dog to do.

When the world was waiting for you —Shields, Gillian.

Illustrations and simple rhyming text tell the story of a family anticipating the birth of a baby.

Library Lily —Shields, Gillian.

From the day her mother introduces her to the library, Lily wants to spend all of her time reading until she meets Milly, who hates reading but loves adventure.

Scarlett's new friend —Shields, Gillian.

When Mantora creates an evil plot to ruin a beautiful beach the mermaids simply can't ignore it, so Scarlett comes up with a plan to outwit Mantora and also to help a family of seals.

Tom's tree —Shields, Gillian.

Tom plants a seed and imagines it growing into a giant tree with sturdy branches and a tree house, while his brother Ned thinks it will never grow at all.

Sophie makes a splash —Shields, Gillian.

As the mermaids race home to the Coral Kingdom, they discover a dolphin in distress. When the evil Mantora tries to interfere, Sophie leaps to the rescue to help her mermaid friends untangle the dolphin from a net.

Holly takes a risk —Shields, Gillian.

As the mermaids return to the Coral Kingdom, they discover a mysterious shipwreck. When Holly realizes something is wrong she has to be very brave, not only to help her friends, but also to save the home of a family of t...

Cinderella's (not so) ugly sisters —Shields, Gillian, author.

Find out what Cinderella's really like in this funny re-telling of the fairy tale -- the 'true story'!

Amber's first task —Shields, Gillian.

The precious Snow Diamonds have been stolen, and Amber and her friends are the only mermaids who can save Ice Kingdom from melting forever.

Misty to the rescue —Gillian Shields.

When the menacing mermaid Mantora conjures up a storm to stop six young mermaids from completing their important mission, Misty comes up with a brilliant plan to help her mermaid friends.

Immortal —Shields, Gillian.

Falling in love with the mysterious Sebastian, Evie Johnson, a scholarship student at the Wyldcliffe Abbey School, is haunted by a sisterlike figure that seems to be sending her a warning.

Henry's holiday —Shields, Gillian.

It's time for some sunshine! Poor little Henry! All the other baby penguins are having fun sliding on the ice and tumbling in the snow, but Henry doesn't like the cold and dreams of sandy shores and warm seas. When a boa...

Megan and the night diamond —Shields, Gillian.

In their quest for the third stolen Snow Diamond, Megan and her mermaid friends travel to the warm Golden Shore, where they are faced with Mantora's evil Storm Gulls as they tackle the next cryptic clue.

Becky and the stardust locket —Shields, Gillian.

The water levels are rising and it has become apparent to the mermaids that they must act fast to find the remaining two Snow Diamonds and return them to Ice Kingdom. Becky works out from the riddle left by Mantora with ...

Jess makes a promise —Shields, Gillian.

Riding on the back of Monty, the Whale Express, to the Beachcomber Islands, the mermaids come under attack from a whaling boat. It is up to Jess to devise a plan to outwit the whalers, as well as to lead the brave mermai...

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