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Dragon heroes —Shaw, Natalie, author.

Introduces Dak and Leyla, twin dragon riders who use their special bonds with dragons for rescue missions.

Doozers make a rainbow —Shaw, Natalie.

Daisy Wheel loves rainbows. When she misses seeing a rainbow over Doozer Creek, the Pod Squad decides to make a rainbow just for her! There's nothing to it when you do, do, do it!

Operation Easter egg —Shaw, Natalie, author.

"What do the Wolfy Kids like even better than causing trouble? Eating candy! But when Gekko is in charge of guarding the chocolate eggs for the egg hunt at school, he can't help but wonder if they taste as good as they l...

Doozers build a birdhouse —Shaw, Natalie.

"When Molly Bolt finds a bird in her house, Flex, Spike, and Daisy Wheel want to help her build a home for it! But first they need to find out what kind of house a bird needs. Then it is time for the Pod Squad to do, do,...

Meet PJ Robot! —Shaw, Natalie, author.

When Romeo invents a robot to get inside and destroy the PJ Masks headquarters, it's up to Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette to stop him.

Race to the moon! —Shaw, Natalie.

Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette race into space to keep Luna Girl from capturing the harvest moon crystal.

Welcome to Rhyme Time Town —Shaw, Natalie, adapter.

Meet Daisy the Puppy, Cole the Kitten, and the rest of the gang in Rhyme Time Town, DreamWorks's newest preschool show streaming on Netflix! Tour the imaginative town in this storybook.

Olivia : I can do anything! —Shaw, Natalie.

With Perry about to graduate from dog-training class, Olivia wonders what she wants to be when she grows up, from a ballerina to an astronaut.

Stick with it —Shaw, Natalie, author.

When Professor Gimbal slips and gets stuck in a fort, it's up to the Pod Squad to find a way to get him unstuck.

Pidge's story —Shaw, Natalie.

Hi! My name is Pidge. Well, actually, my real name is Katie. I'm just your average kid who saves the universe from time to time. Sounds pretty cool, doesn't it? Come along with the Green Lion and me as we work to defeat ...

Baking day! —Shaw, Natalie, author.

"Daniel Tiger takes a fun trip to the bakery and learns to make Trolley Cookies with Baker Aker and Prince Wednesday! The last page of the book includes a fun cookie-decorating activity for little bakers!"-- Provided by ...

I'm feeling thankful —Shaw, Natalie.

When Daniel Tiger feels grateful, he makes sure to say Thank you. Who do you want to thank today?

I'm feeling sad —Shaw, Natalie.

Everyone feels sad sometimes, even Daniel Tiger. When he feels sad, he remembers that it’s okay to feel that way. Soon, he’ll feel better! Come along with Daniel as he and his friends learn how to deal with their feeling...

I'm feeling mad —Shaw, Natalie, author.

When Daniel Tiger feels so mad that he wants to roar, he takes a deep breath and counts to four! What helps you feel calm when you are mad?

Meet the neighbors! —Shaw, Natalie, author.

"Get to know all of the friends in Daniel Tiger's neighborhood! Soon they will be your friends too!" -- Page 4 of cover.

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