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9 Results
Showers of flowers! / by Ellie Seiss ; designed by Lyn DiSiena. —Seiss, Ellie.

"Kai-lan wants to surprise YeYe with a garden of red flowers for good luck! While she plants the seeds and waters the soil, Mr. Sun shines brightly to help the little plants grow! YeYe is going to love his good-luck gard...

Olivia and the fashion show —Seiss, Ellie.

Olivia attends her first fashion show and, deciding that all the clothes are boring, puts on her own fashion show featuring her own designs and very special models.

Dora's princess pals —Seiss, Ellie.

"While Dora is making a charm bracelet to remind her of her friends who are far away, her crystal necklace lights up! The Queen of Crystal Kingdom, the Snow Princess, and the Mermaid Princess are asking Dora to visit so ...