8 Results
8 Results
Misconduct —Scudamore, Beverly, 1956-

After an incident at hockey camp Matt finds himself being bullied by a tough kid.

Foul play —Scudamore, Beverly, 1956-

Remy and Alison were once best friends, before Alison took off to an elite soccer camp in England without a word. When Remy finds out Alison has a special plan to beat her team in the tournament, she can't help but susp...

Ice dreams —Scudamore, Beverly, 1956-

Twelve-year-old Maya is an accomplished figure skater whose mother, a former world-champion skater and Olympic hopeful, died four years ago. Maya's family pressures her to pursue her mother's Olympic dream, but Maya lack...

Ready to run —Scudamore, Beverly, 1956-

When Remy O'Sullivan takes up running, she thinks she's training to race. But when she realizes her friend's Internet chat-room pal isn't all he seems to be, her running skills are put to a real test.