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13 Results
Daniel plays in a gentle way —Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel, author.

While playing on a homemade obstacle course, Daniel Tiger learns to play gently with his baby sister, Margaret.

Daniel and the firefighters —Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel, author.

Daniel Tiger loves firefighters! Today at school he gets to meet real firefighters and it turns out Dr. Anna is one of them. Daniel did not know that someone could be a doctor and a firefighter! Daniel likes fire truck...

Mom Tiger's new job —Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel, author.

"Daniel Tiger learns that his mom is going back to work--she's helping King Friday fix things at the Enchanted Garden! One day, Daniel accompanies Mom Tiger to work. She's busy fixing a broken stage, but he really wants ...

Daniel goes to the dentist —Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel, author.

"Daniel Tiger is a little nervous about visiting the dentist, Dr. Plat. Mom Tiger explains that when you do something new, like going to the dentist, you should talk about what's going to happen, and Dr. Plat does just t...

Calm at the restaurant —Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel, author.

"Daniel Tiger and Jodi Platypus are going to a restaurant with their families. How will they stay calm?"--Page [4] of cover.

Daniel's potty time —Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel, adopter.

"Do you have to go potty? Maybe yes? Maybe no? Daniel Tiger is so excited for his day that he doesn't want to go to the potty. But then he learns that it's important to sit and try to go"--Page [4] of cover.

Daniel's first day of school —Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel, author.

It's time for Daniel to start school. He's excited to make friends and learn new things, but he doesn't know what school will be like.

The helpers in your neighborhood —Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel, author.

For the first time ever, Daniel Tiger ventures beyond the Neighborhood of Make Believe to introduce kids to the helpers in their neighborhood! These community members -- like firefighters, crossing guards, doctors, and t...

Daniel loves playtime! —Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel, author.

Daniel is invited to play at Jodi's house after school, but when he encounters routines that are not the same as the ones at his own house, Daniel gets nervous.

Daniel's first babysitter —Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel author.

It's a big night in the neighborhood when Prince Tuesday arrives to babysit. Daniel knows he'll have a grr-ific time. Still, he's a little anxious that Mom and Dad Tiger are going out. Maybe his bedtime routine and a fav...

Let's brush our teeth! —Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel, author.

"Daniel Tiger likes brushing his teeth every morning and night until they're shiny and clean. He even has a song to help him remember all the places to brush! This storybook comes with a punch-out cardstock toothbrush th...