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41 Results
Ten eggs in a nest —Sadler, Marilyn.

Red is so excited that Gwen has laid a nest full of eggs, he rushes out to buy a worm to feed each of the increasing number of chicks as they hatch.

It's not easy being a bunny —Sadler, Marilyn.

Unhappy being a bunny, P.J. Funnybunny tries living with bears, birds, beavers, pigs, moose, possums, and skunks.

Pass it on —Sadler, Marilyn.

Bee's friend Cow is stuck in a fence and asks for his help, so Bee tells Frog about Cow's predicament and asks him to "Pass it on!", causing a series of misunderstandings that, at last, brings the help Cow needs.

P.J. Funnybunny camps out —Sadler, Marilyn.

Although P.J. and his friends refuse to let Donna and Honey Bunny go camping with them because "camping is not for girls," the girls follow and get proof that camping is hard work even for boys.

Money, money, Honey Bunny! —Sadler, Marilyn.

Honey Bunny Funnybunny likes to save her money, but also enjoys spending some on herself and being generous with her friends.

Honey Bunny Funnybunny —Sadler, Marilyn.

Honey Bunny Funnybunny feels that something is missing when her bothersome big brother finally stops teasing her.

The big red book of beginner books

Six stories for beginning readers.

P.J. Funnybunny's bag of tricks —Sadler, Marilyn.

P.J. studies and practices to perform a magic show for his family and friends but afterwards no one seems to be interested in his tricks, so he shows them the best trick of all.

Charlie Piechart and the case of the missing pizza slice —Comstock, Eric.

When a slice of pizza goes missing Charlie sets out to find who took the missing slice, questioning each suspect in turn.

Alice from Dallas —Sadler, Marilyn.

Two young cowgirls in Dallas, Pennsylvania, have a showdown on the school playground.

P.J. Funnybunny in The great tricycle race —Sadler, Marilyn.

With the help of his family, P.J. Funnybunny wins the Great Turtle Creek Tricycle Race, beating Buzz Beaver, Ritchie Raccoon, and the other animals.

Tony Baroni loves macaroni —Sadler, Marilyn.

Tony will eat nothing but macaroni and cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but Nana Sophia persists in tempting him with a variety of other good, homemade foods.

Handy Manny. Manny's pet roundup

Manuel "Manny" Garcia, owner of Handy Manny's Repair Shop, is a bilingual Hispanic/Mexican man, the handiest handyman in all of Sheetrock Hills. He has a boxful of anthropomorphic tools, each with their own unique quirk,...

P.J. Funnybunny in the perfect hiding place —Sadler, Marilyn.

When P.J. Funnybunny's little sister asks to play hide-and-seek with him and his friends, they run off and leave her until dinnertime when P.J.'s mother inquires where she is.

Honey Bunny's honey bear —Sadler, Marilyn.

Honey Bunny Funnybear wants very much to be friends with the cute bear who sits next to her in school, but he never seems to notice her.

Christmas crafts —Sadler, Judy Ann, 1959-

Includes 13 simple crafts from various countries and cultures.

Alistair's elephant —Sadler, Marilyn.

Alistair's life is never quite the same again after the day an elephant follows him home from the zoo.

The parakeet girl —Sadler, Marilyn.

Emma tries several pets before she becomes best friends with her parakeet Henry, but she finds that friendship threatened when her brother Bruce buys another parakeet.

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