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5 Results
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Camp Rock : the junior novel —Ruggles, Lucy.

Mitchie, who is a stage-shy fourteen year old, loves to sing. So when her mom takes a job as a cook at a summer camp for aspiring rock stars, Mitchie is ecstatic. It is shaping up to be the best summer ever! The only pro...

For the record —Ruggles, Lucy.

When Rex Riley, a famous record executive, visits Camp Rock, Shane warns Mitchie that he believes Rex is bad news. Is Rex really there to pick a new star, or is there another reason for his visit?

Rock royalty —Ruggles, Lucy.

When Mitchie gets a chance to sing with Shane at a charity concert, she gets the star treatment and begins acting like a diva. When an anonymous source reveals this new behavior to the tabloids Mitchie realizes her behav...