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18 Results
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The Thanksgiving beast feast —Ruelle, Karen Gray.

Harry and his sister Emily celebrate Thanksgiving by making a holiday feast for the animals in their yard.

Dear Tooth Fairy —Ruelle, Karen Gray.

When her tooth becomes loose, Emily excitedly writes to the Tooth Fairy and tries to help the tooth fall out.

Mother's Day mess —Ruelle, Karen Gray.

Harry and Emily's plans to give their mother a perfect Mother's Day run into some unexpected difficulties.

Surprising spies : unexpected heroes of World War II —Ruelle, Karen Gray, author.

"Seven Allied spies of World War II who fooled the Nazis are profiled in this books including a Sufi princess, a major league baseball player, a magician, and others"-- Provided by publisher.

Bark park —Ruelle, Karen Gray.

Illustrations and rhyming text reveal dogs of every shape, size, and d personality as they romp and frolic in a park.

Spookier than a ghost —Ruelle, Karen Gray.

Harry and his sister Emily are very much involved in the family's preparations for Halloween.

The Grand Mosque of Paris : a story of how Muslims rescued Jews during the Holocaust —Ruelle, Karen Gray.

Presents the story of how Si Kaddour Benghabret, rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, and other Muslims, gave Jews shelter and worked in the resistance to help them escape Nazi persecution during the German occupation of...

April fool! —Ruelle, Karen Gray.

Harry, his little sister Emily, and their parents all play tricks on each other for April Fools' Day.

Snow valentines —Ruelle, Karen Gray.

Harry and his sister, Emily, want to make an original valentine for their parents but cannot seeem to find the right idea, until a surprise snowstorm inspires them.

Easter egg disaster : a Harry & Emily adventure —Ruelle, Karen Gray.

Harry and Emily, cat siblings, make a mess when they try to dye and hide Easter eggs.

The crunchy, munchy Christmas tree : a Harry & Emily adventure —Ruelle, Karen Gray.

When a heavy snow falls, Emily and Harry must postpone taking a Christmas tree to their grandparents' house for Christmas Eve, but their parents know how to celebrate in the meantime.

Just in time for New Year's! : a Harry & Emily adventure —Ruelle, Karen Gray.

Cat siblings Harry and Emily try to stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve.

Easy as apple pie —Ruelle, Karen Gray.

Emily says "Yuck" whenever apples are mentioned, but when she and her older brother, Harry, sleep over at their grandparents' house, they all pick apples and make them into delicious pies.