4 Results
4 Results
The bark of the bog owl —Rogers, Jonathan, 1969-

Bayard the Truthspeaker arrives in Corenwald, and announces that Adian Errolson, a 12-year-old boy who comes from a long line of adventurers, that he will grow to be the Wilderking--the long-prophesied wild man who will ...

The secret of the swamp king —Rogers, Jonathan, 1969- author.

King Darrow sends Aidan Errolson on an impossible quest, hoping he will never return, and although Aidan has enough friends to succeed on the journey, even he might not be able to defeat the powerful enemy that awaits hi...

The charlatan's boy : a novel —Rogers, Jonathan, 1969-

Grady knows nothing of his origins--he does not even have a last name--but as he and a huckster travel from one small, frontier town to another he poses one of the wild, ugly swamp beasts called feechies.

The way of the wilderking —Rogers, Jonathan, 1969- author.

A reluctant Aidan, recently returned home to Corenwald after three years in the Feechiefen Swamp, learns of a new party of Aidanites who believes he is the destined king to overthrow the tyrant King Darrow.