9 Results
9 Results
Aurora plays the part —Roehl, Tessa, author.

"Disney Princess Aurora doesn't even know she's a princess! She's lived her entire life in a cottage in the forest with her Aunt Flora, Aunt Fauna, and Aunt Merryweather. When she meets a young girl who is part of a trav...

Tiana's best surprise —Roehl, Tessa, author.

"Princess Tiana is planning a surprise. Her father's birthday is coming up and she wants to make him the best gumbo ever. But there's one problem--she's never made gumbo without her father's help"-- Provided by publisher...

Cinderella takes the stage —Roehl, Tessa, author.

"Young Cinderella makes a surprising new friend as they each compete in the Midsummer Festival's puppet contest"-- Provided by publisher.

Mulan's secret plan —Roehl, Tessa, author.

"Mulan can't wait to start school. She's excited to learn! But when class starts, she realizes that it's not quite what she was expecting. And if she and her friends really want to learn something, they're going to have ...

Belle's discovery —Roehl, Tessa, author.

"Young Belle has trouble fitting in at school until she discovers a neglected bookstore in the village and shows her classmates how wonderful books and stories can be"-- Provided by publisher.

Anita's puppy tale —Roehl, Tessa, author.

Anita is on a mission to bring joy to her new boarding school. After finding a Dalmatian puppy, she must team up with her friends to keep her new furry friend hidden from mean girl, Cruella De Vil. Will Anita's secret pu...

Pocahontas leads the way —Roehl, Tessa, author.

Pocahontas is always looking for an adventure. When Nakoma's younger brother falls ill and the tribe's healer needs a special herb to treat him, Pocahontas recruits Nakoma to come with her on a harrowing journey. Will th...