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Ghost force —Robinson, Patrick, 1939-

In 2011, after one of the world's largest oil fields is discovered in the Falkland Islands, Argentina, aided by the Kremlin, invades the island nation and, once again, Great Britain dispatches a battle fleet to the regio...

To the death : a new novel —Robinson, Patrick, 1939-

As he transports a group of terrorists to Guantanamo Bay, Admiral Morgan comes under attack from an old nemesis in a chase that eventually leads to Ireland and London.

The Hammer horror series : 8-film collection

Brides of Dracula: "Marianne is traveling to Eastern Europe from Paris for a teaching post. She gets stranded at an inn after her stagecoach mysteriously leaves her. She is persuaded to stay at Baroness Meinster's chatea...

Hunter killer —Robinson, Patrick, 1939-

A rogue Saudi Arabian prince enlists the aid of a French assassin and a HAMAS terrorist in a coup d'etat attempt. With its oil supply endangered, the U.S. dispatches a retired admiral and his troop to thwart the plotters...

The Delta solution : an international thriller —Robinson, Patrick, 1939-

After Somali pirates capture two U.S. ships, Mack Bedford and the Navy SEALs' Delta Platoon are tasked with not only rescuing the ships, but also completely obliterating all pirates operating in the Indian Ocean.

The shark mutiny —Robinson, Patrick, 1939-

As oil tankers explode, placing the world supply in jeopardy, mutiny is brewing aboard a US Navy submarine when Navy Seals are confronted with the unexpected death of one of their own.

Barracuda 945 —Robinson, Patrick, 1939-

A former SAS officer has become the new leader of a vicious terrorist group, and embarks on a plan to acquire a nuclear submarine and bring the United States to its knees.

Diamondhead : [a novel of suspense] —Robinson, Patrick, 1939-

Court-martialed Navy SEAL Mack Bedford is given a chance to restore his career, save the life of his gravely ill son and stem the tide of international terrorism by agreeing to assassinate a French politician who is also...

Lone survivor : the eyewitness account of Operation Redwing and the lost heroes of SEAL Team 10 —Luttrell, Marcus, author.

The leader of a team of U.S. Navy SEALs sent to northern Afghanistan to capture an al Qaeda leader chronicles the events of the battle that killed his teammates and offers insight into the training of this elite group of...

Scimitar SL-2 —Robinson, Patrick, 1939-

Ravi Rashood, a former SAS officer who is now head of Hamas, has hatched a diabolical plot against the West--to fire a nuclear-tipped guided missile into the volcano, Cumbre Vieja. The volcano lies amid the Canary Island...

Power play : an international thriller —Robinson, Patrick, 1939-

In a near-future world where Israel and the United States have eliminated nuclear threats in Iran and North Korea, Russia plots an aggressive military campaign against America, prompting U.S. Navy SEAL Mack Bedford to co...

U.S.S. Seawolf —Robinson, Patrick, 1939-
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It is the year 2005 and China has submarine-based long-range missles. The U.S.S. Seawolf is dispatched to the China Seas, has a catastrophic accident and her crew disappears. It is up to the Navy SEALs to do whatever it ...

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