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6 Results
The bodies we wear —Roberts, Jeyn.

After a powerful new drug causes havoc and deadly addiction, seventeen-year-old Faye trains to take revenge on those who took her future and murdered the boy she loved.

When they fade —Roberts, Jeyn, author.

"Brutally murdered in the early 1970s, Molly can fade back to earth for a few fleeting moments as teenage hitchiker who can see the future. When Tatum, bullied at school and dumped by her best friend, picks up Molly and ...

Dark inside —Roberts, Jeyn.

After tremendous earthquakes destroy the Earth's major cities, an ancient evil emerges, turning ordinary people into hunters, killers, and insane monsters but a small group of teens comes together in a fight for survival...

Rage within —Roberts, Jeyn.

After the apocalypse wipes out most of the world's population and unleashes an ancient evil, murderous Baggers begin to create a new world order and teenagers Aries, Clementine, Mason and Michael must learn how to trust ...

When they fade —Roberts, Jeyn, author

In the tradition of The Lovely Bones, Neal Shusterman's Everlost, or Jessica Warman's Between comes a haunting tale of two girls-one dead, one alive-and high school bullying that's about to turn deadly. When T...

The bodies we wear The bodies we wear series, book 1. —Roberts, Jeyn, author

A streetwise girl trains to take on a gang of drug dealers and avenge her best friend's death in this thriller for fans of Scott Westerfeld and Robin Wasserman. Heam: It's the hottest drug around. Users are able to s...