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34 Results
All's well that ends —Roberts, Gillian, 1939-

Amanda agrees to investigate the suspicious death of her friend's stepmother, a collector of knickknacks and husbands.

Till the end of Tom —Roberts, Gillian.

When an Old Philadelphian, Tomas Severin, is found murdered inside Philly Prep, Amanda Pepper is hired by one of his relatives to investigate. She uncovers a lot of ill will towards Severin, particularly from the women i...

A hole in Juan : an Amanda Pepper mystery —Roberts, Gillian, 1939-

With Halloween and the annual Mischief Night party only days away, the Philadelphia private school where Amanda Pepper teaches English, is plagued by a series of mishaps ranging from the trivial to the potentially deadly...

Claire and present danger —Roberts, Gillian, 1939-

Amanda and her partner look into the background of an evasive, but charming, young woman. While trying to ferret out Emmie Cade's secrets, she's forced to deal with a murder.

Helen hath no fury an Amanda Pepper mystery —Roberts, Gillian, 1939-
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On the day after a heated discussion of a fictional heroine's suicide, book group member Helen Coulter falls to her death from her roof garden. Helen's death is declared a suicide--a shocking end to a perfect life--but A...

With friends like these... : an Amanda Pepper mystery —Roberts, Gillian, 1939- author.

English teacher and amateur sleuth Amanda Pepper must solve the poisoning of a famous, but not well-loved, playwright.

Till the end of Tom : an Amanda Pepper mystery —Roberts, Gillian, 1939-
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Teacher and amateur sleuth Amanda Pepper and her fiancé, C. K. Mackenzie, investigate the demise of Tomas Severin, who apparently fell to his death at the Philly Prep school, and uncover a host of suspects who wanted th...

Murder, she did —Roberts, Gillian, 1939- author.

Gillian Roberts has been recognized and presented with multiple awards for her Amanda Pepper mystery series. Now, collected here for the first time, are 14 short stories by this bestselling mystery author.From cats to ma...

The bluest blood —Roberts, Gillian, 1939-

The ultra-elegant fund-raiser in a fabled Main Line mansion benefits Philly Prep's Library, and gives Amanda a chance to play Cinderella for a night. The first clue that all might not go well is the host's figure hanging...

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