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38 Results
Did you mean? Robyns, Gwen
Autumn leaves —Robbins, Ken.

Examines the characteristics of different types of leaves and explains how and why they change colors in the autumn.

Pumpkins —Robbins, Ken.

Describes the growing cycle of the pumpkin, from seed, to sprout, to flower, to fully fledged fruit. Includes instructions on how to carve a jack-o'-lantern.

Apples —Robbins, Ken.

Describes how apples are grown, harvested, and used, and details facts about apples in history, literature, and our daily lives.

Food for thought : the stories behind the things we eat —Robbins, Ken.

Examines some of the stories, mythology, history, and little-known but interesting facts associated with familiar fruits and vegetables.

At the ballpark —Robbins, Ken.

Hand-tinted photographs and simple text re-create the fun and excitement of a day at a baseball game.

Coach Carter

Inspired by a true story, this inspirational account of a high school basketball coach who received high praise, and staunch criticism, for benching his entire undefeated team due to their poor academic performances.

For good measure : the ways we say how much, how far, how heavy, how big, how old —Robbins, Ken.

The mile gets its name from the term mille passus, which means "a thousand paces." The abbreviation for pound (lb.) comes from the Latin libra pondo. Feet, pounds, quarts, miles: these are words we use every day. But whe...

Thunder on the plains : the story of the American buffalo —Robbins, Ken.

A brief introduction to the history of the American buffalo and how it was almost hunted into extinction.

Trucks : giants of the highway —Robbins, Ken.

Describes different kinds of tractor trailers, or big rigs, and the loads they haul.

Seeds —Robbins, Ken.

From flowers to fruits, everything begins with a tiny seed. Young readers will learn how seeds grow, and how they vary in shape, size, and dispersal patterns. From cherry pits to exploding pods, to sticktight seeds that ...

Bridges —Robbins, Ken.

Hand-colored photographs illustrate bridges of many different types, with descriptions of their design and use.

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