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73 Results
Nevada Smith

When a young man finds his Indian mother and white father murdered, he sets out to get revenge.

The devil to pay —Robbins, Harold, 1916-1997.

Nash Novak, a Seattle businesswoman, has been framed for arson and murder. To obtain the money for her defense she goes to Colombia to run a coffee plantation that she has inherited. She becomes entangled with several su...

The deceivers —Robbins, Harold, 1916-1997.

"The knock on the door of struggling art expert Madison Dupre's low-rent New York apartment is that of a Thai cafe deliveryman - but instead of succulent noodles, he brings her a rare work of art from the incredible Angk...

Where love has gone

Danny, a young woman, has murdered a man who was the latest lover of her mother. Danny's father, Luke Miller, describes the events that led to the tragedy, causing many family secrets to be revealed.

The looters —Robbins, Harold, 1916-1997.

In the world of rare art, where greed and egos collide, anything goes, at any price. At the core of this story is a spectacular golden death mask made for Sammu-ramat, the warrior Queen of Babylon.

Elvis. King Creole; G.I. blues

King Creole: On the verge of graduation, Danny Fisher gets into a brawl that costs him his high school diploma. His father demands he stay in school, but Danny has hopes of being a nightclub singer. To make matters more ...

The betrayers —Robbins, Harold, 1916-1997.

After surviving the Siege of Leningrad and witnessing his mother's starvation, Nick Cutter falls in love with Luz, unaware of her plan to challenge corrupt politicians and that he will have to battle a dictator to win he...

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