19 Results
19 Results
Life during the Middle Ages —Rice, Earle. Jr., 1928-

Describes country and city life during the Middle Ages including such aspects as social order, religion, family life, agriculture, money and trade, war, pestilence, education, and architecture and other arts.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor —Rice, Earle. Jr., 1928-

Discusses the people and events involved in Japan's decision to attack on Pearl Harbor, which forced the United States to enter World War II.

The final solution —Rice, Earle. Jr., 1928-

Discusses the origins, development, and implementation of the Final Solution, in which six million Jews were systematically exterminated by the Nazis during World War II.

Life among the Great Plains Indians —Rice, Earle. Jr., 1928-

Describes the everyday life of the Native Americans living on the Great Plains before the coming of the Europeans, covering their religion, social customs, government, and art.

Nazi war criminals —Rice, Earle. Jr., 1928-

Explores the lives of six Nazi war criminals and the roles they played in implementing the Final Solution to the Jewish Question.

The Battle of Belleau Wood —Rice, Earle. Jr., 1928-

Describes the events before, during, and after the Battle of Belleau Wood in World War I.

Tiger, lion, hawk : a story of the Flying Tigers —Rice, Earle. Jr., 1928-

An American Flying Tiger and Japan's most famous fighter pilot agree to meet in battle over China during World War II.

Strategic battles in Europe —Rice, Earle. Jr., 1928-

Discusses some of the important battles in Europe during World War II, including Operation Torch, Operation Husky, the Italian campaign, Operation Overlord, the Battle of the Bulge, last battles, and VE Day.

The Third Reich : demise of the Nazi dream —Rice, Earle. Jr., 1928-

Describes the rise and fall of Nazi Germany and explores the philosophical, economic, and military principles on which it was based.

Fear on ice —Rice, Earle. Jr., 1928-

While trying to impress the scouts from the National Hockey League, Neal Calder must deal with his feelings towards violence on the ice.

The animals —Rice, Earle. Jr., 1928-

Confined to the hospital after being blinded in the crash of his B-17, an army officer tries to find a way to stop a German mission from bombing the Prime Minister's home in London.

Canaletto —Rice, Earle. Jr., 1928-

Profiles the life of Venetian artist Canaletto, highlighting his childhood, early career, influences, paintings, and more. Includes a chronology, historical timeline, suggestions for further reading, and a glossary.