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Emma's gems —Renaud, Anne, 1957- author, translator.

"The moments Emma shares with Grandpa Phil are always filled with beautiful discoveries. That is because her grandfather knows so much ... He even knows how to change simple stones into precious gems ..."-- Provided by p...

Gwendolyn's pet garden —Renaud, Anne, 1957- author.

"Gwendolyn begs her parents for a pet, and soon discovers how much she loves taking care of her very own garden."--Provided by publisher.

Missuk's snow geese —Renaud, Anne, 1957-

"Many springs ago, in the land under the Northern Lights, a little girl named Missuk dreamed of being a carver."--BOOK JACKET.

Anna Swan : la vraie histoire d'une géante —Renaud, Anne, 1957-

"Les lecteurs de tout âge seront inspirés par cette extraordinaire biographie de la géante au grand cœur qui a surmonté de nombreux obstacles pour vivre une vie heureuse et enrichissante"--Fourni par l'éditeur.

Pier 21 : stories from near and far —Renaud, Anne, 1957-

Chronicles the history of Pier 21 in Halifax Harbour, including the immigrants and military personnel who used it.

The boy who invented the Popsicle : the cool science behind Frank Epperson's famous frozen treat —Renaud, Anne, 1957- author.

"A curious child who always knew he wanted to be an inventor when he grew up, Frank spent much of his youth experimenting in his basement laboratory -- mixing and measuring, testing and inspecting, studying and scrutiniz...

The true tale of a giantess : the story of Anna Swan —Renaud, Anne, 1957- author.

When Anna Swan came into the world, people chattered. They whispered over tea and gossiped across fences. Because even when she was small, Anna was... tall. By the time she was four, she'd risen higher than a rain barrel...

Fania's heart —Renaud, Anne, 1957- author.

"A tiny birthday card, crafted against all odds within the confines of Auschwitz. Based on a true story. Ten-year-old Sorale discovers a tiny heart-shaped book among her mother's belongings. Its pages are shaped like fou...

A bloom of friendship : the story of the Canadian Tulip Festival —Renaud, Anne, 1957-, author.
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Every spring, Canada's capital bursts into colour with thousands of tulip blooms. Although this annual event has much to do with a love of flowers, it's also the celebration of a friendship that blossomed between two cou...

The extraordinary life of Anna Swan —Renaud, Anne, 1957-
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Anna Swan grew to an astonishing size -- nearly 2.5 metres (almost 8 feet) tall. She was billed as ?The Nova Scotia Giant Girl? at P.T. Barnum's American Museum in New York. But despite her unusual and challenging physic...