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12 Results
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Fighting for the forest —Rand, Gloria.

When they find blue logging markings in the ancient forest where they like to hike, a boy and his father try to save the trees from being cut down. Includes information about how to find and enjoy ancient forests.

Little Flower —Rand, Gloria.

When Miss Pearl falls and breaks her hip, her potbellied pig Little Flower goes for help.

Aloha, Salty! —Rand, Gloria.

Zack and Salty Dog run into a storm while sailing to Hawaii.

A pen pal for Max —Rand, Gloria.

The young son of a Chilean farmer writes a note asking for a "faraway friend," and places it in a box of grapes bound for the United States.

Baby in a basket —Rand, Gloria.

In 1917, Marie and her children Betty and baby Ann are leaving Alaska for the winter by sleigh, when disaster strikes during a snowstorm.

Mary was a little lamb —Rand, Gloria.

Mrs. Paradise figures out what to do with Mary, a wayward, abandoned lamb. Based on a true story.

Prince William —Rand, Gloria.

On Prince William Sound in Alaska, Denny rescues a baby seal hurt by an oil spill and watches it recover at a nearby animal hospital.

Sailing home : a story of a childhood at sea —Rand, Gloria.

Captain Madsen's four children fondly recall their exciting experiences sailing with their father and mother on the bark John Ena at the turn of the twentieth century.

Salty takes off —Rand, Gloria, author

While wintering in Alaska, Salty the dog falls from an airplane and must survive until his master Zack finds him.

Willie takes a hike —Rand, Gloria.

After moving to a new home at the junk yard, Willie the mouse disobeys his parents, goes hiking by himself, and gets lost in the unfamiliar surroundings.

Salty sails North —Rand, Gloria.

Salty the dog and his master Zack sail north to Alaska, encountering other ships, a storm, wild animals on the shore, and an iceberg.

Salty dog —Rand, Gloria.

Salty the dog helps his master build a sailboat.