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47 Results
Crows! : strange and wonderful —Pringle, Laurence P.

An introduction to the life and behavior of crows.

Alligators and crocodiles! : strange and wonderful —Pringle, Laurence P.

Looks at the physical characteristics and interesting behaviour traits of alligators and crocodiles.

Dinosaurs! : strange and wonderful —Pringle, Laurence P.

Dramatic, accurate illustrations accompany basic facts about dinosaurs.

Imagine a dragon —Pringle, Laurence P.

Explores the dragon lore that is found in different cultures around the world.

Wild foods : a beginner's guide to identifying, harvesting and cooking safe and tasty plants from the outdoors —Pringle, Laurence P.

A guide to identifying, collecting, and preparing twenty wild plants commonly found in and around fields, forests, and streams.

Come to the ocean's edge : a nature cycle book —Pringle, Laurence P.

An introduction to coastal life at the ocean and how creatures living in and near the water behave.

Bats! : strange and wonderful —Pringle, Laurence P.

Introduces the behavior and unique characteristics of a wide variety of bats throughout the world and mentions some reasons and ways people are working to protect them.

An extraordinary life : the story of a monarch butterfly —Pringle, Laurence P.

Introduces the life cycle, feeding habits, migration, predators, and mating of the monarch butterfly through the observation of one particular monarch named Danaus.

Naming the cat —Pringle, Laurence P.

A family considers many possibilities before coming up with a name that is just right for the cat that has come to live with them.

One room school —Pringle, Laurence P.

A look back at events and the changing of the seasons at a one-room school in rural New York during the last year of the Second World War.

Batman : exploring the world of bats —Pringle, Laurence P.

Describes Merlin Tuttle's interest in bats, his study of them in their natural habitat, and his work to protect them through such efforts as the organization he founded, Bat Conservation International.

Fire in the forest : a cycle of growth and renewal —Pringle, Laurence P.

Depicts, in text and illustrations, the stages of fire and regrowth in a Western lodgepole pine forest over a period of three hundred years. Also discusses the fire cycle and the role of fire in forest ecology.

Global warming : the threat of Earth's changing climate —Pringle, Laurence P.

Provides information about global warming, discussing the causes and effects of warming climates, and offering suggestions on how to reverse the trend.

Oil spills : damage, recovery, and prevention —Pringle, Laurence P.

Describes petroleum and its uses, examines the harmful effects of oil spills, and discusses how such environmental disasters can be cleaned up or prevented.

Antarctica : the last unspoiled continent —Pringle, Laurence P.

Surveys the plant and animal life, impact on global ecology, history, and politics of the White Continent.

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