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12 Results
Eight days at Yalta : how Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin shaped the post-war world —Preston, Diana, 1952- author.

"While some of the last battles of WWII were being fought, U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin-the so-called "Big Three"-met from February 4-11, 1...

Remember the Lusitania —Preston, Diana, 1952-

An account of the World War I German torpedo attack on and sinking of the passenger liner, the Lusitania, describing the experiences of some of those involved.

A higher form of killing : six weeks in World War I that forever changed the nature of warfare —Preston, Diana, 1952-

"In six weeks during April and May 1915, as World War I escalated, Germany forever altered the way war would be fought. On April 22, at Ypres, German canisters spewed poison gas at French and Canadian soldiers in their t...

A pirate of exquisite mind explorer, naturalist, and buccaneer : the life of William Dampier —Preston, Diana, 1952-
Restricted DAISY Zip (CELA)

In the late 1600s, Dampier, an Englishman, circumnavigated the globe three separate times, mapping nearly every place he visited, but was also a buccaneer launching raids on Spanish ships. He was the first self-made natu...