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Did you mean? Prowler James
The case of the million-dollar mystery —Preller, James.

When somebody steals Eddie's idea for an invention, Jigsaw has to invent a super-spy gadget to solve the mystery.

All welcome here —Preller, James, author.

"A fresh and beautiful picture book collection of haiku poems about the first day of school"-- Provided by publisher.

The case of the perfect prank —Preller, James.

While Jigsaw's brother is busy playing practical jokes on people, Jigsaw must solve the case of Danika's missing cat.

Wake me in spring —Preller, James.

Mouse feels sad because his best friend Bear is getting ready to go to bed for the winter.

The case of the frog-jumping contest —Preller, James.

Jigsaw and his friend Stringbean are in a frog-jumping contest. When the champion frog disappears Jigsaw tries to catch the frog-napper.

A Jigsaw Jones mystery : the case of the glow-in-the-dark ghost —Preller, James.

Jigsaw's school is haunted! Some kids saw a ghost dancing in the classroom. Jigsaw Jones is not afraid. He will catch this glowing ghost...even if he has to stay after school to do it!

The case of the snowboarding superstar —Preller, James.

Jigsaw and his family go on a ski vacation, but when a snowboarding superstar loses his good luck charm, Jigsaw has to solve the case without his partner, Mila.

A Jigsaw Jones mystery. The case of the best pet ever —Preller, James, author.

Second-grade detectives Jigsaw and Mila are hired by their classmate, Solofsky, who was accused of stealing a prize medal from a pet store.

The case of the rainy day mystery —Preller, James.

Jigsaw is out to discover why tough Bigs is acting so oddly, reading babysitter club books and sneaking around.

The case of the race against time —Preller, James.

"Jigsaw is in big-time trouble! For a dollar a day, Jigsaw and Mila make problems go away. But now Jigsaw has some trouble of his own. He lost grandfather's watch! Can Jigsaw and Mila find the watch before time runs o...

The case of the missing falcon —Preller, James.

Jigsaw and Mila's new case is totally tricky! Elana Wonderly "accidentally" sold her brother's favorite falcon statue at a garage sale. And she's hired Jigsaw and Mila to get it back. But there's more to little Miss Wond...

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