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81 Results
Thunder cake —Polacco, Patricia.

Grandma finds a way to dispel her grandchild's fear of thunderstorms.

Mommies say shhh! —Polacco, Patricia.

Animals make many different noises, but when they make too much noise their mommies quiet them down.

Rechenka's eggs —Polacco, Patricia.

An injured goose rescued by Babushka, having broken the painted eggs intended for the Easter Festival in Moscva, lays thirteen marvelously colored eggs to replace them, then leaves behind one final miracle in egg form be...

Thank you, Mr. Falker —Polacco, Patricia.

Overjoyed at the thought of starting school and learning to read, Trisha is dismayed when all the letters and numbers in her books are jumbled up. Only Mr. Falker recognizes her problem and takes the time to lead her to ...

When lightning comes in a jar —Polacco, Patricia.

A young girl describes the family reunion at her grandmother's house, from the food and baseball and photos to the flickering fireflies on the lawn.

The bee tree —Polacco, Patricia.

To teach his daughter the value of books, a father leads a growing crowd in search of the tree where the bees keep all their honey.

Sticks and stones —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

When Patricia starts at a new school she quickly becomes fast friends with fellow outcasts Thom and Ravanne and together they find a way to silence the school bully and his toadies.

Tucky Jo and Little Heart —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

A fifteen-year-old soldier in World War II meets a sweet young girl in the Philippines who helps him remember what he is fighting for as he helps her and others of her village avoid starvation, and many years later she r...

Chicken Sunday —Polacco, Patricia

To thank Miss Eula for her wonderful Sunday chicken dinners, three children sell decorated eggs to buy her a beautiful Easter hat.

The art of Miss Chew —Polacco, Patricia.

Describes how a teacher named Miss Chew encouraged individuality, and accepted learning differences, and helped a young student with academic difficulties get extra time to take tests and permission to be in advanced art...

The mermaid's purse —Polacco, Patricia, author.

"Stella loves books so much, she starts her own library--but then a storm threatens to destroy everything"-- Provided by publisher.

For the love of Autumn —Polacco, Patricia.

Miss Parks, a new teacher, is devastated when her cat, Autumn, disappears during a storm, but with the help of her students, she finds not only Autumn but also the man of her dreams.

Mrs. Mack —Polacco, Patricia.

The bestselling author of "Rechenka's Eggs" and "The Keeping Quilt" shares a story of her childhood hero in this tribute to a woman who knew that working with and riding horses could test young people and change them in ...

The bravest man in the world —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

In 1912, orphaned Irish street musician Jonathan Harker accidentally stows away on the Titanic, where he is befriended by Wallace Hartley, called "the bravest man in the world" for playing violin with the band as the Tit...

The keeping quilt —Polacco, Patricia, author.

A homemade quilt ties together the lives of four generations of an immigrant Jewish family, remaining a symbol of their enduring love and faith.

Go ask Ozzie : a rotten Richie story —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

When Patricia starts junior high, her awful older brother Richie makes her life miserable but after he teaches her to dance she sees that he is not so rotten after all.

In our mothers' house —Polacco, Patricia.

Three young children experience the joys and challenges of being raised by two mothers.

Because of Thursday —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

"Annie Fetlock--born on Thursday, met the love of her life on Thursday, and when a special cat comes into her life on Thursday, she knows he has found the right home"-- Provided by publisher.

Fiona's lace —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

"Fiona and her family moved from Ireland to Chicago to begin a new life. Yet, when the family is struck with misfortune, will Fiona's lace help save them?"--Provided by publisher.

January's sparrow —Polacco, Patricia.

After a fellow slave is beaten to death, Sadie and her family flee the plantation for freedom through the Underground Railroad.

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