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11 Results
Fiona's lace —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

"Fiona and her family moved from Ireland to Chicago to begin a new life. Yet, when the family is struck with misfortune, will Fiona's lace help save them?"--Provided by publisher.

Christmas tapestry —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

A tapestry that is being used to cover a hole in a church wall at Christmas brings together an elderly couple who were separated during World War II.

Sticks and stones —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

When Patricia starts at a new school she quickly becomes fast friends with fellow outcasts Thom and Ravanne and together they find a way to silence the school bully and his toadies.

Tucky Jo and Little Heart —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

A fifteen-year-old soldier in World War II meets a sweet young girl in the Philippines who helps him remember what he is fighting for as he helps her and others of her village avoid starvation, and many years later she r...

Because of Thursday —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

"Annie Fetlock--born on Thursday, met the love of her life on Thursday, and when a special cat comes into her life on Thursday, she knows he has found the right home"-- Provided by publisher.

Holes in the sky —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

Soon after her beloved grandmother's death, Trisha's family moves to a diverse California neighborhood where she meets Stewart and his grandmother, Miss Eula, who brings people together to help a grieving neighbor.

Go ask Ozzie : a rotten Richie story —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

When Patricia starts junior high, her awful older brother Richie makes her life miserable but after he teaches her to dance she sees that he is not so rotten after all.

An A from Miss Keller —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

Trisha wants to write something that will please her demanding writing teacher, who is rumored to have never given a student an A.

Remembering Vera —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

A stray dog secretly adopted by the men of a U.S. Coast Guard base in San Francisco Bay proves to be a hero.

The bravest man in the world —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

In 1912, orphaned Irish street musician Jonathan Harker accidentally stows away on the Titanic, where he is befriended by Wallace Hartley, called "the bravest man in the world" for playing violin with the band as the Tit...

Gifts of the heart —Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

Kay Lamity, Trisha and Richie's new housekeeper, shows them how special it is to give Christmas gifts that come from the heart.