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3 Results
Artificial intelligence : an illustrated history : from medieval robots to neural networks —Pickover, Clifford A., author.

"From medieval robots and Boolean algebra to facial recognition, artificial neural networks, and adversarial patches, this fascinating history takes readers on a vast tour through the world of artificial intelligence. Aw...

Death and the afterlife : a chronological journey from cremation to quantum resurrection —Pickover, Clifford A., author.

"Throughout history, the nature and mystery of death has captivated artists, scientists, philosophers, physicians, and theologians. This eerie chronology ventures right to the borderlines of science and sheds light into ...

Artificial Intelligence : An Illustrated History : From Medieval Robots to Neural Networks —Pickover, Clifford A., author.

An illustrated journey through the past, present, and future of artificial intelligence, from popular science author Cliff Pickover. "An enjoyable diversion to read cover to cover, follow along common strands, or dip int...