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49 Results
Spectacular school trip (really ...) —Pichon, Liz, author.

Tom's doing everything possible to stay out of trouble but somehow he's got THREE sad faces on the school achievement chart! And getting another sad face means Mr Fullerman won't let him go on the SCHOOL TRIP! Moany Marc...

Ten tremendous tales —Pichon, Liz, author.

A laugh-out-loud, fully illustrated collection of stories starring Tom Gates and his friends, family and foes! Featuring: a delicious chicken pie; getting stuck in a lift with Delia; a teacher swap at school; some tiny a...

What monster? —Pichon, Liz, author, illustrator.

What's that, Tom? A MONSTER?! How has this scary beast escaped into Tom's sort-of-normal world? Is it one of his doodles? Is it Delia on the rampage? Is it Mr. Fullerman at full moon? For now it's a secret. But all will ...

DogZombies rule (for now) —Pichon, Liz, author, illustrator.

Tom has a four-point plan to make his band, DogZombies, the best band in the world: 1. Write more songs. (Not about teachers) 2. Make a SPECTACULAR music video. (Easy) 3. Get some sleep. (Tricky when you're being kept aw...

Biscuits, bands and very big plans —Pichon, Liz, author, illustrator.

"Tom has some very BIG plans! Tom and his band, The DogZombies, have some big plans! First they need to catch a glimpse into Delia's secret diary. But that'll mean taking a BIG risk: snooping in her room! Then they're go...

Epic adventure (kind of) —Pichon, Liz, author, illustrator.

Having two sets of grandparents is turning out to be very good for me. The Wrinklies are keen on giving presents and they're planning a family outing which is going to be epic! Even Delia wants to come. (I can always ign...

Extra special treats (not) —Pichon, Liz, author.

Tom's latest goal is to earn a Star Pupil Badge. Marcus Mildrew has one, and Tom wants one so he can stay in the library at lunchtime and catch up on his comics. But it's not going to be easy. To earn the badge, he'll ha...

Excellent excuses (and other good stuff) —Pichon, Liz, author.

No school for two weeks gives Tom time to do important things, such as inventing new ways to annoy his sister Delia.

Family, friends and furry creatures —Pichon, Liz, author.

Tom Gates has a class assignment: a family tree! Tom's ready to learn all about the Gates family, his friends and a furry creature.

Genius ideas (mostly) —Pichon, Liz.

Seeing Delia without her sunglasses on is a big shock, but that's nothing compared with the surprise Dad has in store for Tom with his newfound fitness regime. He says he's going to compete at Sports Day. Shame! Meanwhil...

Yes! No. (Maybe...) —Pichon, Liz, author.

Tom has to decide what to get rid of around the house before his mother does it for him!

Top of the class (nearly) —Pichon, Liz.

Tom has some tips for being top of the class.

Shoe wars —Pichon, Liz, author.

Ruby and Bear won't let the dreaded Wendy Wedge get her hands on the flying shoes their dad has invented.

Super good skills (almost) —Pichon, Liz.

Tom is going on holiday with the family. How will he manage to keep himself busy on the most boring campsite ever?

My big brother, Boris —Pichon, Liz.

Little Croc and his big brother, Boris, used to have a close relationship. But that was until Boris became a teenager. Now it seems that Boris doesn't have time for Little Croc. What's a little brother to do?

Tom Gates : Mega Make and Do and Stories Too!. —Pichon, Liz.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS TITLE INCLUDES WRITE-IN COMPONENTS. A fantastic new Tom Gates book -- packed with original stories, create-your-own monster cut-outs and endless doodling fun! Mum and Dad have forgotten that it's the ha...

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