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6 Results
Hotel Transylvania, the series. My little monster-sitter —Petrucha, Stefan, author, artist.
Graphic Novel
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Mavis, daughter of Dracula, is ready to sink her fangs into more responsibilty at the Hotel Transylvania! But when Wanda and Wayne recruit Mavis to watch their rambunctious wolf pps for the night, the situation soon turn...

Hotel Transylvania. 2, My little monster-sitter —Petrucha, Stefan, author.
Graphic Novel
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With Dracula away on Official Vampire Business, Mavis finally sees her chance to show her father what she can do. With the help of her friends, she decides to put her brilliant ideas of how to run the Hotel into motion, ...

Hotel Transylvania 3-in-1 —Petrucha, Stefan, author.

"Three adventures featuring the horrifically funny guests and staff at HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, the world's premier hotel for monsters to get a respite from the human world. Join Drac, his daughter Mavis, human son-in-law Joh...