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26 Results
The Littles —Peterson, John, 1924-2002

Only a few inches tall, the members of the Little family encounter a myriad of dangers, especially when the house cat comes their way.

The Littles go exploring —Peterson, John, 1924-2002

Maybe Grandpa Little is alive! The Littles read his diary and study his maps. Can they find Grandpa Little?

The Littles go on a hike —Peterson, John, 1924-2002

Tom and Lucy take a whole day to walk one block. How will they stay safe in the great outdoors?

The Littles take a trip —Peterson, John, 1924-2002

The Littles get together with other tiny people in the Big Valley.

The Littles and their amazing new friend —Peterson, John, 1924-2002

In the Big Valley, the Littles have many friends - House Tinies (like themselves), Trash Tinies, Brook Tinies, Tree Tinies, and Ground Tinies. They never dream that there could be tiny people living in the forest up on t...

The Littles to the rescue —Peterson, John, 1924-2002

A family of tiny people experiences a crisis when a baby is born during a snowstorm.

The Littles make a friend —Slater, Teddy.

The Little family employs trickery and disguise to rid their house of unwelcome newcomers, making a new friend in the process.

The Littles and the lost children —Peterson, John, 1924-2002

Two children are separated from their parents and are found and taken in by strangers who end up treating them as their own children.

The Littles and the terrible tiny kid —Peterson, John, 1924-2002

When the Littles welcome other tiny people into their home they soon discover that she misbehaves and makes terrible messes.

The Littles have a happy Valentine's Day —Peterson, John, 1924-2002

Cousin Dinky Little is going to be married on Valentines' Day, but the wedding has to take place in a house where Granny and Mrs. Little might not be able to go. Cousin Dinky contrives an ingenious device for transportin...

The Littles and the trash tinies —Peterson, John, 1924-2002

The Littles must deliver a message to their friends in Trash City but a terrible snowstorm slows them down. Once they reach the city below the garbage dump you will be surprised at what the Littles discover.

The Littles and the great Halloween scare —Peterson, John, 1924-2002

Tom and Lucy Little carry out a plan to give their family the greatest Halloween scare ever.

The Littles do their homework —Slater, Teddy.

A school project takes Tom and Lucy on a wild outdoor adventure.

The Littles go around the world —Peterson, John, 1924-2002

Tom and Lucy Little have an incredible adventure when they accidentally get taken to school with Henry Bigg's gerbil! Lucy gets to take a walk around the world as she journeys across the classroom globe. School is fun bu...

The Littles give a party —Peterson, John, 1924-2002

Fourth of July means picnic, swimming and lots of fun for the Bigg's family and for the Littles too. It will be a Fourth of July they will never forget.

The Littles and the big storm —Peterson, John, 1924-2002

The big storm is coming! As the Littles prepare for the storm, they have a few adventures and even solve a mystery.

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