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3 Results
Did you mean? Bailey, Kathleen D
Inventor McGregor —Pelley, Kathleen T.

Hector McGregor, inventor of peppermint pencils, glow-in-the-dark books, and other unusual items, leaves his home workshop to work in a laboratory but finds that his inspiration comes from being around his cheery wife, f...

Raj, the bookstore tiger —Pelley, Kathleen T.

When a new manager brings Snowball, a grouchy cat, to the shop where Raj and his owner live and work, Snowball informs Raj that he is not the tiger everyone believes him to be.

Magnus Maximus, a marvelous measurer —Pelley, Kathleen T.

As the town's official measurer, Magnus Maximus is consumed with measuring and counting everything and everyone, missing out on life's simple pleasures, until one day when he breaks his glasses.