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Daddy —Patricelli, Leslie, author, illustrator.

"Uppy, Daddy! Up so high. On the shoulders. Touch the sky. Baby's daddy is big and strong, and his legs are so, so long. He plays horsey, he sings, he cooks, he cleans-this daddy can do anything! In a sweet, simple board...

Mommy —Patricelli, Leslie, author, illustrator.

"Every day is Mother's Day as the inimitable Baby sings Mommy's praises in a board book full of humor and heart."

Mad, mad, mad —Patricelli, Leslie, author, illustrator.

Sometimes Baby is sad. And sometimes mad, mad, MAD! Baby screams and falls to the floor, and a spectacular tantrum follows, from furious crying to the final flop. What happens when Baby wants to stop, but even hugging a ...

Doggie gets scared —Patricelli, Leslie, author, illustrator.

A baby offers comfort to a stuffed dog that might be afraid of shadows, swimming pools, strangers, and loud noises.

Bigger! Bigger! —Patricelli, Leslie, author, illustrator.

Putting on her construction hat, a young girl uses her imagination as she builds a doghouse, a bridge, and a skyscraper.

Big little = Grande pequeño —Patricelli, Leslie, author, illustrator.

Some things are big. Some things are little. But everything is fun! Algunas cosas son grandes. Algunas cosas son pequeñas. ¡Pero todas las cosas son divertidas!

Toot —Patricelli, Leslie, author, illustrator.

A baby is delighted to experience his very first fart.

Tooth —Patricelli, Leslie, author, illustrator.

Baby has a new tooth! It's good for chewing, biting, and brushing!

Good job, Athena! —Holub, Joan, author.

"After Athena ties Arachne's shoes for her, Arachne takes the credit for Athena's hard work. But when their friends ask Arachne to teach them how to tie their shoes, Arachne must admit the truth. So Athena comes to the r...

Big kid bed —Patricelli, Leslie, author, illustrator.

When it is time for bed, a baby marvels at his new big kid bed.

Fa la la = Tra-la-la —Patricelli, Leslie, author, illustrator.

Baby is so excited about the upcoming Christmas season! There are things to decorate: a tree, a gingerbread house, a doggy! Celebrate the season with humor and joy as everyone s favorite baby puts a special spin on Chris...

Make a wish, Midas! —Holub, Joan, author.

Young Midas, who loves the color yellow, makes an impulsive wish that has dire consequences for his beloved toy dinosaur. Includes a retelling of the original Midas's Wish myth.

Don't get lost, Odysseus! —Holub, Joan, author.

Little Odysseus wanders off in a shopping mall, fortunately his mother is not far behind. Includes a retelling of the original journey of Odysseus.

Hop! Hop! = Salto! Salto! —Patricelli, Leslie, author, illustrator.

The Easter Bunny is coming! It s time to dye eggs. Did you know that red and blue make purple? That blue and yellow make green? That an art project may result in a multicolored Baby? There are bunny ears to wear (for the...

Boo! = ¡Bu! —Patricelli, Leslie, author, illustrator.

It's Halloween! Time to dress up and trick-or-treat!

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