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93 Results
At home with the beaver : the story of a keystone species —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw, author.

Learn about beavers and the many different kinds of animals that depend upon it for survival.

Big cats —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw.

Facts about big cats, including physical characteristics, where they live, what they hunt, and how they are threatened by humans.

The call of the osprey —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw, author.

"A stunning addition to the Scientists in the Field series that explores mercury pollution found in the rivers and streams of Western Montana that might cause harm to humans--and the extinction of the entire osprey speci...

Pelicans —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw.

Describes the physical characteristics, habits, and natural habitats of the various species of pelicans, as well as the threats to their survival.

Saving the Tasmanian devil : how science is helping the world's largest marsupial carnivore survive —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw, author.

"In this addition to the critically acclaimed Scientist in the Field series, Dorothy Patent follows the scientists trying to put a stop to a gruesome disease before it's too late. Tasmanian devils are dying at an alarmin...

Baby horses —Muñoz, William.

Describes the activities of foals in their first months of life.

Horses —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw.

Discusses the physical characteristics and behavior of horses and describes how domestic horses evolved from their wild relatives.

Super sniffers : dog detectives on the job —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw, author.

"A dog's nose is 300 times more powerful than a human nose, so it's no wonder that dogs use their incredibly advanced sense of smell to do some very important jobs. Dorothy Hinshaw Patent explores the various ways specif...

Fire : friend or foe —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw.

Discusses forest fires and the effect that they have on both people and the natural world.

Weasels, otters, skunks, and their family —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw.

Introduces the characteristics and habits of various members of the weasel family including the sea and river otter, mink, skunk, badger, and others.

Prairie dogs —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw.

Discusses the habits and life cycle of prairie dogs and examines their place in the ecology of their grassland environment.

Apple trees —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw.

Describes the life cycle of an apple tree and how different varieties of apples are grown and harvested.

Homesteading : settling America's heartland —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw.

Chronicles the activities of the homesteaders who settled the vast American prairies during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Fabulous fluttering tropical butterflies —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw.

Describes the physical characteristics and behavior of various kinds of tropical butterflies.

Horses of America —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw.

Discusses the evolution and characteristics of various breeds of horses and identifies breeds for work, sports, and pleasure, and those that are "all-around" horses.

Germs! —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw.

Explains what germs are, how they attack the body, and how the body protects itself against their onslaught. Includes material on immunization and research in disease control.

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