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18 Results
The ugly duckling —Patchett, Fiona.

In this delightful tale, a big, grey duckling feels unloved by the other ducklings, who are little, yellow and fluffy. Wherever he goes, it seems that no one wants him. Will the Ugly Duckling ever find any friends?

The Little Red Hen —Patchett, Fiona.

In this delightful tale, the Little Red Hen finds some grains of wheat, but her three best friends are too lazy to help her plant them. She works hard growing the wheat and grinding it into flour. Only when she bakes a d...

Eggs and chicks —Patchett, Fiona.

Describes and identifies various bird eggs by their size, color, and pattern.

Looking after rabbits —Patchett, Fiona.

Provides lots of useful information on caring for and understanding rabbits, ranging from feeding and grooming to toys and hutches. Everything you need to know to make a rabbit feel at home and help you decide whether ow...

Edward Lear's book of nonsense : [Usborne illustrated originals] —Lear, Edward, 1812-1888, author.

Edward Lear's timeless collection of limericks, jokes and rhymes are bound to delight young children.

Puss in boots —Patchett, Fiona.

Retells the French fairy tale of a young man whose sole inheritance from his father is an orange tabby cat, but this apparent misfortune turns out to be a boon when the he learns that his new cat is clever, resourceful, ...

Usborne Christmas baking for children —Patchett, Fiona.

Provides over fifteen recipes for Christmas cookies and confections, including classic gingerbread houses and fruitcake as well as traditional treats such as lebkuchen, stollen, and mince pies.

The railway children —Nesbit, E. (Edith), 1858-1924, author.

When their father is suddenly taken away, Bobby, Peter and Phyllis must leave London for a simpler life in the country. They make new friends, discover the thrill of the railway and eventually uncover the mystery of thei...