7 Results
7 Results
Stormbreak —Parker, Natalie C., author.

Aric Athair is dead. But the fight for the Bullet Seas is far from over. Caledonia's nemesis, Lir--the one responsible for destroying her family--has seized control of the warlord's army. Caledonia and her crew have fled...

Steel tide —Parker, Natalie C., author.

Rescued by the Blades, a nomadic crew hiding from Aric Athair, Caledonia seeks their help to find the Mors Navis and her sisters, defeat Aric's fleet, and take back the Bullet seas.

Beware the wild —Parker, Natalie C., author.

A teenaged girl and her boyfriend must find her older brother after he wanders into their town's swamp and a mysterious girl appears in his place.

Seafire —Parker, Natalie C., author.

Follows Caledonia Styx, captain of her own ship, the Mors Navis, and its all-female crew as they strive to defeat the powerful fleet of Aric Athair, the vicious warlord who has taken their homes and families.

Steel tide —Parker, Natalie C., author.

Caledonia may have lost her crew, but she's not done fighting yet. After nearly dying at the hand of a powerful foe, Caledonia is pulled from the sea and nursed back to health by a crew of former Bullets who call themsel...

Behold the bones —Parker, Natalie C., author.

Although Candy entered the swamp along with her friends, she does not see the ghosts like the others do and spends her time trying to uncover the truth about a new family that has moved into town.

Three Sides of a Heart : Stories About Love Triangles —Parker, Natalie C., author.

You may think you know the love triangle, but you've never seen love triangles like these. These top YA authors tackle the much-debated trope of the love triangle, and the result is sixteen fresh, diverse, and romantic s...