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48 Results
Gone with the wand : a fairy's tale —Palatini, Margie.

When tooth fairy Edith B. Cuspid finds her friend Bernice Sparklestein, a fairy godmother whose work is legendary, having a very bad wand day, she tries to cheer her up by suggesting Bernice try other fairy jobs.

Goldie and the three hares —Palatini, Margie.

When Goldilocks, running from the three bears, falls down a rabbit hole and hurts her foot, a family of hares tries to help but she proves to be a very loud, demanding, and tenacious guest.

The perfect pet —Palatini, Margie.

After Elizabeth's parents do not agree with her various suggestions for the perfect pet, she discovers a solution.

Gorgonzola : a very stinkysaurus —Palatini, Margie.

When Gorgonzola the dinosaur learns that everyone runs from him to avoid his smell, rather than out of fear, he is grateful to the little bird who shows him how to brush his teeth and wash.

Lousy rotten stinkin' grapes

Retells the fable of a frustrated fox that, after many tries to reach a high bunch of grapes, decides they must be sour anyway.

No biting, Louise —Palatini, Margie.

At the urging of her family, Louise, a young alligator, tries hard to kick her biting habit.

Moosekitos : a moose family reunion —Palatini, Margie.

Moose plans a perfect moose family reunion only it doesn't turn out quite as he expects.

Bedhead —Palatini, Margie.

After many unsuccessful attempts to control his unruly hair one morning, Oliver and his family think that they have solved the problem--until he gets to school and finds that it is school picture day.

Bad boys get cookie! —Palatini, Margie.

Wolves Willy and Wally try to satisfy a sweet-tooth craving by dressing up as private detectives and chasing down a runaway cookie.

Oink —Palatini, Margie.

Frustrated because the pigs just lie around in the mud all day, the other animals on the farm try to make them improve themselves.

Moosetache —Palatini, Margie.

A moose's moostache is too big to control until he meets Ms. Moose, who has her own hair problem. They conquer each other's heart and their hair problems.

The cheese —Palatini, Margie.

After they all agree to ignore the story of "The Farmer in the Dell," the rat, cat, dog, child, farmer, and his wife have a party featuring the tempting hunk of cheese.

Earthquack! —Palatini, Margie.

When Chucky Ducky feels the earth beneath him grumble and rumble, he runs to alert the other barnyard animals to the coming earthquake, but just as a wily weasel is about to take advantage of their fears, the true source...

Bad boys get henpecked! —Palatini, Margie.

Bad boy wolves Willy and Wally try to get a chicken dinner by disguising themselves as the Handy-Dandy Lupino Brothers and going to work for a hen in need of household help.

No nap! yes nap! —Palatini, Margie.

"Follow Mommy on her quest to settle Baby down for a nap as Baby dashes from family room to living room, both on the table and under it, through the kitchen and even hiding in the laundry basket"--Provided by publisher.

Piggie pie —Palatini, Margie.

Gritch the witch flies to Old MacDonald's farm for some pigs to make a piggie pie, but when she arrives she can't find a single porker.

Mooseltoe —Palatini, Margie.

Moose thinks he has all his Christmas preparations taken care of, but at the last minute he must come up with a substitute for the Christmas tree.

The three silly billies —Palatini, Margie.

Three billy goats, unable to cross a bridge because they cannot pay the toll, form a car pool with The Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, and Jack of beanstalk fame to get past the rude Troll.

Bad boys —Palatini, Margie.

Two hungry wolves in disguise attempt to raid a sheep farm.

Moo who? —Palatini, Margie.

After being hit on the head, Hilda the singing cow forgets what sound she should make, so she imitates different animals until she gets her "moo" back.

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