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Beethoven lives upstairs —Nichol, Barbara.

Using over 2 dozen excerpts from Beethoven's works, tells the story of a boy who lives downstairs from Beethoven.

Beethoven lives upstairs

Young Christoph, who is grieving over the death of his father, finds it difficult to accept the new "boarder", Ludwig van Beethoven, into his home. True incidents from Beethoven's life are given and recorded selections o...

One small garden —Nichol, Barbara.

In a big city there is a little garden, hidden away from the street behind a little house built many years ago. The garden is one of many gardens in the city, planted in a place that used to be a forest. It has a history...

Mr. Bach comes to call

After the dramatic send-off of Bach's music into space aboard Voyager II, Mr. Bach unexpectedly arrives at the house of Elizabeth, a present-day child, who is awkwardly practicing his famous Minuet in G. Along with thre...

Safe and sound —Nichol, Barbara.

Safe and Sound are two small dogs with big ideas: they want to see the world. But the world is not at all what they expect.

Tales of Don Quixote —Nichol, Barbara.

Retells the adventures of an eccentric Spanish country gentleman and his companion who set out as a knight and squire of old to right wrongs and punish evil.

Tales of Don Quixote : book II —Nichol, Barbara.

A retelling of the exploits of an idealistic Spanish country gentleman and his shrewd squire who set out, as knights of old, to search for adventure, right wrongs, and punish evil.

One small garden —Nichol, Barbara (Barbara Susan Lang)
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There is a little garden in a city, down a cobble path, beside a house that is hidden from the street. It has been there for a century or so and it is a wilderness of secrets. Traces left behind remind us of the people w...