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44 Results
1 2 3 cats —Newman, Lesléa, author.

"Cat Number One has nothing to do ... Until she makes friends with Cat Number Two. Meet cats from one to a dozen in this adorable board book introduction to counting with a feline twist."--Provided by publisher.

ABC cats —Newman, Lesléa, author.

"Adorable cat with eyes of gold. Baby cat just two weeks old. From curious to elegant, grouchy to inquisitive, rowdy to tangled to ... well, unusual (who says cats don't swim in the tub?), these twenty-six charming felin...

Heather has two mommies —Newman, Lesléa, author.

"Heather's favorite number is two. She has two arms, two legs, and two pets. And she also has two mommies. When Heather goes to school for the first time, someone asks her about her daddy, but Heather doesn't have a dadd...

Mommy, Mama, and me —Newman, Lesléa.

In rhyming text, a toddler spends the day with its mommies. They play inside and outside until it's time for a bath and to say good-night.

Daddy, Papa, and me —Newman, Lesléa.

In rhyming text, a toddler spends the day with its daddies. They play dress-up, do crafts, make music, drink tea, and when the daddies need a rest the toddler tucks them in and wishes them good-night.

Ketzel, the cat who composed —Newman, Lesléa, author.

Composer Moshe Cotel adopts a six-toed, black-and-white kitten whom he calls Ketzel, and when he needs a piece to enter in a contest for music less than a minute long, it is Ketzel who provides the solution.

Where is Bear? —Newman, Lesléa.

The animals in the forest are playing hide-and-seek, but none of them can find Bear anywhere.

Sparkle boy —Newman, Lesléa, author.

"Three-year-old Casey wants what his older sister, Jessie, has--a shimmery skirt, glittery painted nails, and a sparkly bracelet--but Jessie does not approve. After two boys tease Casey about his appearance, Jessie evolv...

Dogs, dogs, dogs! —Newman, Lesléa.

A counting book featuring dogs engaged in various activities, from walking through the city all alone to slurping up a fallen ice cream cone.

Pigs, pigs, pigs! —Newman, Lesléa.

A town prepares for and enjoys a visit with a large group of very entertaining pigs in this rhyming tale of hospitality.

A fire engine for Ruthie —Newman, Lesléa.

Ruthie's Nana suggests playing tea party and fashion show during their visit, but Ruthie is much more interested in the vehicles that a neighbor boy is playing with as they pass his house each day.

Donovan's big day —Newman, Lesléa.

From the moment Donovan wakes in the morning, he painstakingly prepares for his special role in the wedding ceremony of his two mothers.

Skunk's spring surprise —Newman, Lesléa.

After waking from her winter nap, Skunk worries that her friends have forgotten her but it turns out they have planned a spring surprise.

The best cat in the world —Newman, Lesléa.

A young boy deals with the loss of his beloved cat Charlie, eventually accepting the arrival of another, very different cat.

Runaway dreidel! —Newman, Lesléa.

In this rhyming tale in the style of "The Night before Christmas," a family's preparations for Chanukah are disrupted by a wildly spinning dreidel.

Welcoming Elijah : a Passover tale with a tail —Newman, Lesléa, author.

Inside the house, a boy prepares for the Passover ritual of welcoming Elijah--meanwhile, outside the house, a kitten lingers in the cold.

A kiss on the keppie —Newman, Lesléa.

Mama, Papa, Bubbe, Zeyde, and even Dreidel the pup provide kisses on the head from morning until bedtime.

Hachiko waits —Newman, Lesléa.

Professor Ueno's loyal Akita, Hachiko, waits for him at the train station every afternoon, and even after the professor has a fatal heart attack while at work, Hachiko faithfully continues to await his return until the d...

Cats, cats, cats —Newman, Lesléa.

At night when Mrs. Brown begins to snore, her sixty cats have fun galore.

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