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19 Results
Boy : a novel —Nelson, Blake, 1965- author.

Popular sixteen-year-old Gavin is happy spending his time with friends, dating, and playing tennis, until a mysterious girl named Antoinette transfers to his school and influences the way he views himself, his friends, a...

O brother, where art thou?

Loosely based on Homer's "Odyssey", three escaped chain gang convicts have to travel home to try and recover buried loot from a bank heist. Along the way they meet up with some strange characters.

Just mercy
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A powerful and thought-provoking true story follows young lawyer Bryan Stevenson and his history-making battle for justice. After graduating from Harvard, Bryan had his pick of lucrative jobs. Instead, he heads to Alabam...

Paranoid Park

After a young skateboarder accidentally kills a security guard in self-defense with his skateboard at Paranoid Park, he falls into a world of crime, guilt, and fear. He desperately attempts to get out as the investigatio...

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Kids at a fat camp band together and overthrow the fitness obsessed counselor and his tyrannical ways.

They came from below —Nelson, Blake, 1965-

While vacationing on Cape Cod, best friends Emily, age sixteen, and Reese, seventeen, meet Steve and Dave, who seem too good to be true, and whose presence turns out to be related to a dire threat of global pollution.

Child of God

Set in Tennessee in the 1960s, this chilling story sees Lester Ballard become increasingly isolated from society. After taking a deceased woman as a girlfriend, he "saves her" from a fire--and his life spirals into deepe...

Recovery Road —Nelson, Blake, 1965-

While she is in a rehabilitation facility for drug and alcohol abuse, seventeen-year-old Maddie meets Stewart, who is also in treatment, and they begin a relationship, which they try to maintain after they both get out.

Phoebe will destroy you —Nelson, Blake, 1965- author.

To avoid his alcoholic mother's problems, Nick, seventeen, stays with his aunt's family near the Oregon coast, where he works at his uncle's car wash and falls into a complicated relationship.

The good girl

Thirty-year old Justine longs for a life more fulfilling than the one she leads with her boring husband and the dead-end job she has. But when a passionate young co-worker catches her eye and steals her heart, Justine's ...

Gender blender —Nelson, Blake, 1965-

When the students in health class at George Wilson Middle School are assigned girl/boy partners to discuss gender issues, no one could imagine that two students would actually switch bodies.

Prom anonymous —Nelson, Blake, 1965-

Three childhood friends reunite to attend prom together and, in the process of finding dates and dresses, gain some surprising insights into themselves.

The new rules of high school —Nelson, Blake, 1965-

Seventeen-year-old Max Caldwell has been the perfect high school student--on the honor roll, captain of the debate team, and soon-to-be editor of the school newspaper--but during his senior year, he begins questioning hi...

The prince of Venice Beach —Nelson, Blake, 1965-

Robert "Cali" Callahan, seventeen, gets swept up into the private-investigator business and must deal with the ramifications of looking for fellow runaways who may not want to be found -- and with falling in love with on...

Destroy all cars —Nelson, Blake, 1965-

Through assignments for English class, seventeen-year-old James Hoff rants against consumerism and his classmates' apathy, puzzles over his feelings for his ex-girlfriend, and expresses disdain for his emotionally-distan...

Rock star, superstar —Nelson, Blake, 1965-

When Pete, a talented bass player, moves from playing in the high school jazz band to playing in a popular rock group, he finds the experience exhilarating even as his new fame jeopardizes his relationship with girlfrien...

Dream school —Nelson, Blake, 1965-

"Andrea Marr, the heroine of the bestselling novel Girl, is back. And headed to college. Imagining a typical "J. Crew/college catalog" experience, Andrea leaves Portland to attend prestigious Wellington College in Connec...

Paranoid Park —Nelson, Blake, 1965-

A sixteen-year-old Portland, Oregon skateboarder, whose parents are going through a difficult divorce, is engulfed by guilt and confusion when he accidentally kills a security guard at a train yard.

Prom anonymous —Nelson, Blake, 1965-

Three childhood friends reunite to attend prom together and, in the process of finding dates and dresses, gain some surprising insights into themselves.