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24 Results
Investigating ESP and other parapsychological phenomena —Nagle, Jeanne, author.

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, a popular belief system known as Spiritualism took the world by storm. People sought other realms of existence through mediums, seances, and other parapsychological means. While...

Deciduous forests : seasons of survival —Nagle, Jeanne.

Describes the plants, animals, people, and climate that are a part of the ecosystem in a deciduous forest, and explains what threatens this biome.

Getting to know scratch —Nagle, Jeanne.

Introduces the programming language Scratch, discussing its development and what it can be used to build.

Etiquette at home —Nagle, Jeanne, author.

Before going out into the world, we usually get our first lessons in social graces, etiquette, and manners from those closest to us: parents, grandparents, and other family members. Home is hopefully a place of comfort a...

Top 101 remarkable women

Chronicles the lives of remarkable women throughout history, including Maria Theresa, Elizabeth 11, Jane Addams, and Helen Keller.

Why People Get Tattoos And Other Body Art —Nagle, Jeanne.

This resource investigates the top cultural and anthropological reasons why we practice the art of tattooing and proudly display them. Beyond fad, cosmetic, or individual reasons, readers learn about the roles of tattoos...

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