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Two against the north —Mowat, Farley, 1921-

The story of two boys on a hunting trip who lose their way in Canada's desolate Barrenlands, just as the long Arctic winter is beginning.

My father's son —Mowat, Farley, 1921- author.

The follow-up to And No Birds Sang, Farley Mowat's memoir My Father's Son charts the course of a family relationship in the midst of extreme trial. Taking place during Mowat's years in the Italian Campaign, the memoir is...

A whale for the killing —Mowat, Farley, 1921-

When an 80-ton fin whale became trapped in a lagoon near his Newfoundland home, Farley Mowat rejoiced at the unique chance to observe one of the world's most magnificent creatures up close. But some of his neighbors saw ...

Lost in the barrens —Mowat, Farley, 1921-

Awasin, a Cree Indian boy, and Jamie, a Canadian orphan living with his uncle, the trapper Angus Macnair, are enchanted by the magic of the great Arctic wastes. They set out on an adventure that proves longer and more da...

Otherwise —Mowat, Farley, 1921-
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From an innocent childhood, spent free of stricture and largely in the company of animals, Mowat was catapulted into wartime service, where the carnage of the Italian campaign shattered his faith in humanity forever. On ...

Lost in the barrens —Mowat, Farley, 1921-
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The book tells of boys in their late teens: one white boy who has recently lost his parents, and one Indian boy from the Cree tribe of the same age. The boys embark on a mission to relieve the starvation of a neighbourin...

My discovery of America —Mowat, Farley, 1921-
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In 1985, when Mowat tried to enter the United States for a book promotion tour, he was barred by the McCarran Act, a 1952 law enacted during the McCarthy era. This book, told with outraged but good humour, describes Mowa...

Eastern passage —Mowat, Farley, 1921-
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Picking up where his 2008 memoir "Otherwise" left off, Mowat traces his development as an author, with frequent digressions on subjects such as homebuilding, family, and wildlife. Covering the episodes that shaped his pa...

The regiment —Mowat, Farley, 1921-

Recounts the story of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment (the Hasty Ps), Canada's most decorated regiment in the Second World War, and in particular their role in the Allied invasion of Sicily and conquest of Italy....

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