5 Results
5 Results
The story of Moses —Morton, Sasha, author.

"Join Moses as he leads the Israelite slaves out of Egypt, and with God's help, guides them to freedom in the Promised Land."--Cover note.

Joseph and his coat of many colors —Morton, Sasha, author.

"Joseph has the gift of understanding people's dreams. Join him in his coat of many colors as he uses his special skill to save people from a terrible famine."--Cover note.

Jonah and the whale —Morton, Sasha, author.

"Having fled God's work, Jonah travels on stormy seas before being swallowed by a whale. Will he escape to deliver God's message?"--Cover note.

The good samaritan —Morton, Sasha, author.

"Through the story of the Good Samaritan's kindness, Jesus teaches his disciples what it means to love your neighbor as you love yourself."--Cover note.

The nativity story —Morton, Sasha, author.

Follow Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem and witness the birth of the baby Jesus in the story of the first ever Christmas"--