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Who has seen the wind —Mitchell, W. O. (William Ormond), 1914-1998.

As we enter the world of four-year-old Brian OConnal, his father the druggist, his Uncle Sean, his mother, and his formidable Scotch grandmother (she belshesa lot), it soon becomes clear that this is no ordinary book. As...

How I spent my summer holidays —Mitchell, W. O. (William Ormond), 1914-1998.
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"In his best-selling novel, How I Spent My Summer Holidays, W. O. Mitchell tells the story of 12-year-old Hugh's long summer in a small prairie town. When Hugh and his friends uncover a secret cave, they find it occupied...

Jake and the kid —Mitchell, W. O. (William Ormond), 1914-1998.
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Thirteen humorous short stories set in the small rural community of Crocus, Saskatchewan and revolving around a young boy and a hired hand named Jake Trumper. Based on the popular CBC radio series (1950-1958).

Who has seen the wind

The coming-of-age of adolescent Brian O'Connal in small town Depression-era Saskatchewan is told. The son of the local pharmacist Gerald O'Connal, Brian is in many ways a typical boy, who dislikes school if only because ...

Who has seen the wind —Mitchell, W. O. (William Ormond), 1914-1998.
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"Set in a fictional small town in the Canadian west, Who Has Seen the Wind traces the evolving consciousness of Brian O'Connal, beginning when he is four and ending when he is 12. The free-spirited Brian brings a refresh...

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