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24 Results
Minecraft : guide to survival —Milton, Stephanie, author.

Introduces the game, outlines basic features, and describes such elements as hostile mobs, naturally generated structures, and biomes.

Minecraft. Guide to: ocean survival —Milton, Stephanie, author.

Minecraft's oceans are teeming with colorful life and rare treasures, but new dangers lurk beneath the water and survival can prove difficult. With insider info and tips from the experts at Mojang, this is the definitive...

Guide to Minecraft dungeons : a handbook for heroes —Milton, Stephanie, author.

COMPANION TO: GUIDE TO SURVIVAL, ISBN 9780593158135. With insider info and tips from the experts at Mojang, this is the definitive guide to Minecraft Dungeons. Ages 8 to 12

Minecraft maps : an explorer's guide to Minecraft —Milton, Stephanie.

Discover the hidden corners of the many weird and wonderful locations in Minecraft with this beautifully illustrated, full-colour guide, written in official partnership with the experts at game-creator Mojang. Ages 8 to ...

Minecraft : essential handbook : an official mojang book —Milton, Stephanie.

Revised edition with the most up to date stats, info, and sixteen pages of brand-new material! You're alone in a mysterious new world, full of hidden dangers. You have only minutes to find food and shelter before darknes...

Minecraft : Mobestiary : an illustrated guide to the mobs of Minecraft —Wiltshire, Alex, author.

With insider gaming info and tips, this is the official, definitive, fully illustrated guide to mobs - and how to outsmart them- in Minecraft. Written by Alex Wiltshire, author of 'Minecraft: Blockopedia' and former edit...

Minecraft Mojang : the survivors' book of secrets —Milton, Stephanie, author.

This Official Minecraft book contains collective knowledge of the Survivors - an underground group of Minecraft experts who've been around since the early days of alpha. Written by the Chief - the leader of the group - i...

Theme park adventure —Milton, Stephanie, author.

Have you ever wanted to build an entire theme park in Minecraft? This guide will show you how it's done! Inside you'll find build ideas for everything from a classic carousel and a haunted mansion ride to thrilling jungl...

Minecraft for beginners —Milton, Stephanie, author.

Provides step-by-step instructions on how to find food; build a shelter; mine for materials; and craft armor, swords, and other equipment, and offers information on monsters and places to go.

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