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24 Results
Baby Dinosaur on the farm —Mills, Andrea, author.

Follow this spirited dinosaur as he searches for some farmyard fun, and along the way teaches little ones all about lending a helping hand.

Oceans —Mills, Andrea, author.

Find out about the five great oceans on our planet, and learn about their biological and geographical features. Explore the deepest depths of the Mariana Trench, spot shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea, and uncover the ...

It can't be true! Animals! —Mills, Andrea, author.

Packed with mind-blowing facts and awesome illustrations, this brilliant book explores the weird and wonderful world of animals. With six chapters covering the main animal groups - invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptil...

Countries of the world —Mills, Andrea, author.

Discover the countries of the world - explore their geography, wildlife, traditions, and arts in this picture-packed children's book. Every country profile is packed with photos, and each nation has a full-color map deta...

The everything book of horses & ponies —Mills, Andrea, author.

An introduction to horses and ponies describes their physical characteristics, lifecycle, behavior, senses, care requirements, diet, popular breeds, and equestrian sports.

The science of goo! : from saliva and slime to frogspawn and fungus —Mills, Andrea, author.

Get to grips with the glorious world of goop and gunk, from pus, snot, and mucus to mud, snail slime, and sticky plants, in this compendium of gunk. If you've ever wondered how much snot you make, or how spider silk is m...

My encyclopedia of very important oceans —Hubbard, Ben, 1973- author.

This exciting introduction to oceans is brimming with curious creatures, beautiful homes, and incredible adventures. Packed with fun facts and colourful illustrations, 'My Encyclopedia of Very Important Oceans' will feed...

1,000 amazing human body facts —Goddard, Jolyon, author.

"Packed with amazing facts and visual representations, this extraordinary book answers questions about the human body. Find out just what makes our bodies so incredible with enough blood and guts, intestines, and eyeball...

Dinosaurs —Mills, Andrea, author.

Introduces dinosaurs, describing the physical characteristics and behavior of different dinosaur groups, how they are studied today, and some of their distant relatives.-- Source other than Library of Congress.

Wow! Look what robots can do! —Mills, Andrea, author.

Discover an amazing world of robots, how they save lives, the tasks they do, and what the world of robots could be like in the future. Learn surprising facts in this lively and fascinating picture book all about robots.

100 scientists who made history : remarkable scientists who shaped our world —Mills, Andrea, author.

Full of the true-life stories of scientists and innovators who have shaped our society and how we see the world around us, this book puts major scientific discoveries into context. Readers learn who inspired whom, and wh...

Big cats —Mills, Andrea, author.

This children's animal book has everything you'll need to know about big cats, including lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards, and cheetahs. Find out how big cats hunt, learn about cat myths and legends, discover where big c...

Children's Bible stories : share the greatest stories ever told —Tagholm, Sally, author.

A keepsake collection of Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments is complemented by short passages at the end of each key story explaining its meaning.

My encyclopedia of very important adventures : for little learners who love exciting journeys and incredible discoveries —Hubbard, Ben, 1973- author.

"An exciting introduction to the awesome adventures of the eager explorers, dynamic daredevils, imaginative inventors, and other pioneers who shaped the world. Take a dive into the great unknown and go on a daring journe...

¡Increíble pero cierto! Animales —Mills, Andrea, author.

¿Sabías que una ballena azul pesa hasta 32 elefantes asiáticos? ¡Eso no puede ser verdad, dices! Sí, y este libro puso a la ballena en la balanza para mostrarte! Repleto de hechos alucinantes e ilustraciones impresion...

It can't be true! Poo! —Mills, Andrea, author.

Hold your nose while you find out absolutely everything you never knew about poo! Did you know that... A week's worth of elephant poo weighs as much a 25 people? A lifetime of farts would fill 2,000 balloons? The world u...

Dinosaur ultimate handbook —Mills, Andrea, author.

Presents facts about dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, including details on dinosaur habitats, dinosaurs of the sea and sky, prehistoric beasts, and who would win in a battle.

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